post festivities…


So here I am, back after a quick impulsive trip home and now I’ve got a guy standing next to my cubicle staring into my computer and I don’t even know him! I hope he’s reading this. ‘Go away, or I WILL punch you in the face!’

I’m not too much of a ‘festival celebrator’ but this Diwali was pretty much the coolest one I’ve had in 2 years. (Two years back on October 23rd, we got caught for bursting crackers in our hostel room. Ridicule from friends,awe from the juniors and a memo from the authorities followed.)

Started off with a visit from Sooraj, who came all the way down from Mumbai and then I flew home on Saturday (Note: Air Sahara is a lot lot lot lot better than Air Deccan) and spend 4 whole days with my family (minus my brother ). Honestly, I hadn’t laughed so much in the last few months like I did over the past few days. Most of it had to do with my dad’s vehemant rebuttal of my mom’s ‘Kamikaze Ant Theory’ (which I shall explain some other time).

I also rewatched American Beauty and trust me, it just gets better every time. I feel like posting a detailed analysis/review of the movie, but I doubt it’ll be read.

Anyhoo, still on ‘Business Wait’ but could be else where in a week! Ah!


3 Responses to “post festivities…”

  1. @triquetra and sooraj: Sigh…I remember how pissed I was that time…but can’t help smiling…nay…laughing now! 3 years! wow!

  2. hehehe…. hey n did they guy read standing nxt to ur cubicle read this n leave? or did he get a punch before that?? lolz…. na… u dont hav wat it takes to punch ppl… 😉

  3. @all4love Believe it or not…he left!

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