Indecison : Review


This is a book I bought 5 months back and read once just before I came to Hyderabad. I was in too much of a hurry back then but I did realise that this was one of those books that deserved a second read and boy was I right!

The last few books I read have had drugs and addiction as a/the major plot line and this one’s no different. Dwight Wilmerding is a 28 year old working a politically incorrect (?) job as a tech support for Pfizer (think Viagra). He lives a few blocks away from Ground Zero in New York along with a bunch of quirky room mates and has a pretty dysfunctional family to boot. Divorced parents and a psychologist/left wing sister.

He suffers from chronic indecision (Abulia) and he apparently has a tough time living life because at every turn he is met with tough decisions . So he decides to try out an experimental drug, Abulinix that supposedly cures this. The drug makes him ‘decide’ to go to Ecquador to meet a long lost friend. Advenures, love and self discovery ensue.

Now this book had gotten a lot of great early reviews but the latter ones weren’t all that great and I think this is simply because the author, Benjamin Kunkel is way too smart (and witty) for his own good! Loved the philosophical conversations and drug induced (Weed, Ecstacy and ‘San Pedro’) ramblings, some of which are pretty profound. The ending was pretty much of a disappntment as everything tended towards politics and the exploitation of Third World Nations.

The first half of the book made this one of my all time favourites! 8/10 Dark Humor at it’s best!


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