hear hear, denizens of the Indian SW industry…


The general feeling is that ‘work in a software company is quite mundane and does not involve too many programming skills.’ Here’s how one IT professional summed it up on a popular student forum: “Remember (the Indian) software industry is not about creating new things. It is all about client giving you work. Work that their team is not interested in doing…But you get money and, of course, work experience and a life called ‘white collar job’.”

So, while the software industry may be making record profits, it is not firing the imagination of the youth who work in it. Swanky cafeterias and big bonuses work for a while. But today’s youth want all that and more. They want to be part of something larger than themselves. They want to be annointed not just as consumers, but as contributors to society.

                                -Business World (6 November 2006)

Makes sense.

On a similar note, Business Today came out with a list of the best employers in the country. Infosys came in first, followed by Mindtree and the company yours truly works for made it t0 third.

But then again, what’s in it for me?


14 Responses to “hear hear, denizens of the Indian SW industry…”

  1. You hit the nail on the head dude – what’s in it for me? I am just another miniscule software developer quasi – enhanced with fancy names like Associate Consultant [not talking abt my own company here, we have fancier names] or along those lines!!

    Finally what do we do – work that some guy in US wouldn’t do coz either
    1. His company cannot afford him doing this work coz he should be used in a better position – actually do something he cares about ;-)!!
    2. He himself doesn’t wanna do that work

    [Note: He to be read as he/she]

    Yup, life sure is crazy for the Indian Software Engineer ;-)!

  2. @Guru Right you are!

    Ah! The life of a corporate drone!

    Maybe…sometime …somehow…things might actually get better!

    Maybe not! 🙂

  3. Dude, I think you should make the following change

    Ah! The life of a corporate dronewhore!

  4. @Guru Corporate whore…damn…we really are selling our souls arent we?

  5. @ PS: Yup, pretty much jose!! I say, let’s all quit and start our own company ;-)!!

  6. @Guru You bet!

  7. Long time no visit mate .. looks like I’ve missed out quite a lotta things .. was busy all week being a corporate whore 😛 ! I sometimes think being a zoo keeper would be much more fun! Tell ya what .. you guys start a company .. buy lotta land .. convert it into a wild life sanctuary .. and I’ll be the Ranger on it 😀

  8. @Sid Hey the company we start won’t have anything to do with software exports or whoring out brain from our country.

    We may as well go ahead with the wild life sanctuary idea! Looks like a money maker! 🙂

  9. The job of the Ranger is taken mate .. get urself another post!! 😛

  10. Hmmm, wild-life sanctuary eh!! Count me in as long as there are no snakes!! :-P!! I am sure Sid is gonna come flying in with comments for this now!! :-)!!

  11. hehe .. run panguuuuu run !!!!! (zigzag of course 😉 )

  12. @sid and guru: you can be ranger! I hate animals!

    I wanna be the guy who hires and keeps accounts! Maybe we can bring in Natalie Portman to endorse us!

  13. Yo accountant – no problem!! But you sure Natalie Portman isnt gonna go after the hunky rangers?? :P!!

  14. @ I’m hunky too!!!!! More cute and smart….:-)

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