and you thought this guy never had any fun!


Edit: For the uninitiated, the above pic is that of Kim Jong Il (and NOT me or any remotely distant relative) who is the Chairman of the National Defense Commission of North Korea, Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army, and General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea. His country just tested a nuclear weapon much to the chagrin of the rest of the world!


18 Responses to “and you thought this guy never had any fun!”

  1. Who is that guy? And why does he look like you?

  2. @Guru Um…he’s Kim Jong II…despot of N Korea….cruel communist @$$hole! ring any bells? 😐

  3. But but…. why does he look like u?? U aint “cruel communist @$$hole!” are u? 😦

  4. OK…he DOES NOT look anything like me! Guru…u started it! 😐

  5. @ PS: Actually he does kinda look like you dude :-)!! And I am sure you aren’t any cruel communish @$$hole but the semblance is uncanny :D!!

  6. @Guru Shit…I’m starting to think so too! damn you!!!!! >:-(

  7. @presdiblahblah -dude..must be ur long lost brother…like u see in those old hindi movies…

  8. Hmm, the possibility cannot be discarded πŸ˜€

  9. 9 soorajrox


    what is that pic supposed to mean..that mickey mouse is communist??

  10. @all OK…I’ve checkd. he’s not my bro!

    @sooraj Dude…the pic was funny ‘cos a despot ass lik Kim Jong too can wear a mickey mouse cap! And I always thought it was just you…:-)) I actually thought about posting your pic here too! πŸ™‚

  11. dude u always have these “circle the differences” pictures don’t u…remember swenny’s mean-look pic and ice cube…u gotta put up soori’s mickey mouse pic man…alongside…v readers demand it!!

  12. @triqetra No way! he’ll kill me!

  13. 13 soorajrox

    hmm….atleast mine looked fun than that ‘despot ass lik Kim Jong’…
    whats with his son…he’s got the chinky kinda ‘mean look’ like-‘what are you looking at b****

  14. 14 soorajrox

    n for the edit -did he go to disneyland cos he tested the nuke

  15. @sooraj This is a really old pic (dont think he went to Disneey land cos the nuke test went well0

    Plus dont think thats his son either!

  16. hmm so who is this King Kong 2 guy again? hehe

  17. hey he does look like u !!! when did u go to Disney land ..??? that’ll be a snazzy career change! from a corporate whore to a communist tyrant taking on the might of US !

  18. @sid *sigh*

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