jobless, homeless, hopeless


So here I am, sitting at my workstation on yet another fine day. Jobless (more like work-less), homeless and hopeless.

  • Swen left for Chennai and I had to move out of the old apartment (‘cos the jackass landlord thought it’d be a great idea to hike the already exorbitant rent) and I’m currently staying over with a few very hospitable colleagues. Got to move in to a new apartment by tomorrow, which I can hope is only  temporary.
  • Now that Swen’s gone…it should increase my chances with th ‘laydeees’. Moreover rumors linking Swen and me should also take a backseat! 😛
  • I’m so damn tired of waiting for the powers that be to decide on my posting. It’s been almost a month! Enough already!
  • My brother has successfully managed to make me feel old! No offence bro, I love talking to you…but you make me wish I were atleast 4 years younger!
  • I’ve been listening to this hindi track ‘Kya Mujhe Pyar Hai’ (don’t get any ideas) over and over and over again. Very peppy stuff! Who cares if it’s the rip off of an Indonesian song!
  • I got my hair cut by a drunk barber who gentleman that he was, was more cavalier with my hair than my head.
  • I regret spending over a year writing what I call my ‘screenplay’ when I could’ve usd the same time to write a book or something. Or maybe I can adapt it into  book! Hmmm…
  • I’m clean out of books to read!

I need a reprieve! Soon!

Listening to I’m an @$$hole by Dennis Leary (Can’t believe I didn’t listen to this earllier!)


7 Responses to “jobless, homeless, hopeless”

  1. Dude, you need to do something, well I am pretty much in the same plight – well similar :P!!

  2. @Guru I’m not depressed or anything. I’d just be glad to be done with all this uncertainty surrounding my posting. That’s all! Otherwisee…everythings ‘adi poli’! 🙂

  3. laydees .. hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaha

    Sorry abt that couldn’t control. N whats with the Hindi Music?

  4. Cheer up, buddy! Look at d brighter side of things….
    1. Swen can be relied upon to provide acco when u go there.
    2. It’s more than sheer optimism.
    3. It proves that even the powers dare not meddle in your affairs.
    4. Your being older actually makes you elder too.
    5. No cheering up required.
    6. You are damn lucky that you escaped with only your hair cut.
    7. You realised the fact very soon. You could have been working on the screnplay for the rest of your life.
    8. It’s time to write one.
    Life is Beautiful…….

  5. @indisch Why the hell are you so cheerful today??? You looked normal in the morning. Wait….are you on drugs? 🙂

  6. 6 cendrelin

    i din know u understood hindi…yeah kyun aaj kal is a nice song and shiney ahuja is cute…

  7. @Cendrelin I do understand hindi kiddo…while you studied French, your big bro struggled with Hindi! Haven’t seen the video yet though…

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