all is well…finally…


The last few days, I’ve been humming ‘Wherever I May Roam’ by Metallica ‘cos I could relate to it, but things have gotten better over the last 24 hours!

First off, I moved into a new flat which is amazingly spacious and  though I’ll be paying a full month’s rent (and the probability of getting posted in Chennai next week is high), I think it’s worth it!

I’ve also started reading a book called ‘Empror of the Air’ which is amazingly profound considering it came from a 28 year old writer (back in 1985) and for once, it isn’t about existential angst. It’s about death mostly! 🙂

Swen’s buddy, Joe has started writing at Deus Ex Machina  and I have to admit, he is pretty amazing…especially his reviews. Another friend of mine (she prefers anonymity) writes at Noconvolutions. Funny stuff!

My brother continues to make me feel like an old geezer with each passing day now. He interrupted one of my ‘loo reveries’ by calling up and saying that he  had in his possession the films Pi, Requeim for a Dream and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (all of which I’m dying to see).

Anyway, will be watching The Departed tomorrow…should make up for the lousy week that was!


6 Responses to “all is well…finally…”

  1. @ PS: Phew!! good for ya man!! :-)!! Wow – back to Swen huh!! You must be so darned happy :P!!

    Anyhoo, all the best bro! :-)!

  2. @Guru Um no…I’m in Hyd still…moved into a new place …ALONE! but it’s cool…I just hope I get to know about my posting atleast next week!

  3. hey when u getting to chennai !!!!

  4. .. that’ll change the axis of evil to chennai … muhahahah!!!!! 😀

  5. @Sid Hopefully soon. “The Man” is apparently very busy with clients. Should know in a week or so! 🙂

  6. Hmmm, Chennai – damn even Chennai sounds good for me now!! *sigh*!!

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