Adam Sandler must die!


Disclaimer: The following rant has nothing to do with Adam Sandler. 

When I got into college, I thought that 4 years in a place like that would turn me into one of those intellectual slackers. The kind that you see in movies. The ones who have long hair, a perpetually unshaven look, smoke a LOT of weed and wax eloquently on topics ranging from philosophy to conspiracies. I wanted to be the guy who would laugh at the ones who wanted to get a job and get married and fall into routine. Deep down, I really wanted to be that guy.

Four years later,  I’ve realised that I have a receding hairline, it gets itchy when I don’t shave and I can’t be around smoke of any kind (cigarettes, fires and ancient smoke signals).

Here I am, actually worrying about things I thought I never would. There was a time when I used to be just plain confused.I miss being confused. I miss being able to look forward to things in life.

Where is my career going?Have I made the right decisions? Are the chances I’ve taken going to pay off? Will I be able to take that Post Grad course? Will the sequel to Batman Begins be as good?When will I get settled in life? Do I want to get settled in life? What the hell is ‘settled’?

All that aside, I’m finally off Business Wait/Bench and into a unit that I think I may actually like.  Only time will tell.

Listening to  Prophecy by Remy Zero 

From the light on high,
a chance to change your fate.
Forgiveness falling down
on those who chose to wait. 


8 Responses to “Adam Sandler must die!”

  1. @ PS: Dude, ya haven’t even started on more confusion!! Damn, I wanna smoke some POT!! Anybody get me some POT :-D!!

  2. 2 bugtracker

    You could’ve spared poor Adam Sandler.

  3. Confusion is good when you don’t want stress, as backwards as that sounds. “Settled”= “How was your day?” “Did you have a good day?” “Are you tired today” (Seinfeld). It’s a beautiful trap, I believe.

  4. @Guru Why you so obsessed with pot? You even asked my bro! 😐

    @bugtracker I couldn’t think of a title…besides Adam Sandler ought to die anyway!

    @shelbycockrell Welcome! 🙂 Think is I like being confused. There always was something to work out. I’m just worried that I’ll become stagnant now…that too stagnant in mediocrity! gulp!

  5. 5 soorajrox

    longhair, beard n talking philosophies…….hey alan moore is 52 n he didnt even join college (sure he does pot too,cos he’s done more than that)n he still has that ‘graceful’ style..u cud sport that one actually.n about Adam Sandler,guess he’s gotto die after a movie like ‘Click’.the questions.i dunno.i dunno.i dunno.i dunno.the sequel of batman is gonna suck unless tim burton takes over :-D.i dunno.i dunno.i dunno


  6. @sooraj Face it man! Batman Begins was the best one out of all the movies. Tim Burton should stickt o Johnny Depp and wierd themes! Okkkki? 🙂

  7. 7 soorajrox

    talk to the hand

  8. 8 Bentley

    Adam Sandler must die??!@#@!
    Why,.. you ungrateful, mislead punk! I outa whoop your behind!
    Any case, congratulations on your new ‘assignment’ with the ‘department you may like as time rolls by’. Oh n I must add, if you say ‘Adam Sandler must die’ one more time i’ll ..i’ll..ahh what the hell..i guess your right!

    “Off with his head!”

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