crimes against women


This is something that has been on my mind for a few weeks now and I thought I really couldn’t put it in words so I didn’t bother to write. Truth is, I still doubt I’ll be able to write much.

It’s something we read in the papers every single day. Rape, dowry deaths, assault, forced prostitution etc…. but somehow, the gravity of the situation seldom strikes us. It never strikes us until our friends/family members are victims in some way or the other. I’ve been listening to a lot (a LOT) of stuff from some of my close friends from Chennai, Bangalore and even Hyderabad and it’s disturbing and sickening to see that women in our country  have to lead a restricted existense just because of some of the perverts that roam our/your streets.

Not surprisingly, it isn’t restricted to the middle and lower classes. And it isn’t even endemic to our country.

A  friend of mine, Selva has written a post titled, Will my wife and daughters be safe in this world?’ It’s an amazingly well researched, thought out and written piece.

So what does the law do to the perpetrators of these heinous crimes? Will a jail term do? Will execution do? Will anything that is done repair the lives of the traumatised victims?


12 Responses to “crimes against women”

  1. swen .. did u read this ??

  2. This is a fear that we constantly live with it. There was a blog-a-thon last year for crimes against women! Blank Noise Presents…! A lotta people had some really good articles on this!!

    Check out the pingbacks on the page. Multitude of articles – good ones @ that :-)!

    Definitely this is a crime that has to be curbed in OUR [not your] streets!

  3. Good post. There is one more dimesnion to the problem. If well known criminal lawyers try to defend people who are guilty of raping and murdering women, can crime against women ever stop. Check out my post on Ram Jethmalani if interestied.

  4. 4 bugtracker

    Damn you **hajan! The only time you can hit a woman is if her moustache is on fire.

  5. @Guru I did mean OUR strrets!

    @Hiren Jethamalini is a classic example of when senility makes a person plain crazy and bigoted! What an %^#$%@!!!

    @Bugtracker Um…that statement would be considered chauvinistic by many. 🙂

  6. 6 bugtracker

    @pre : Yep, it can be chauvinistic for those women who’d like to grow moustache and also for all those men who fantasize women with moustache.

    @ all those who have a fetish for moustache : I mean no evil 😛

  7. @Johnny
    What do u mean did u read this? are trying to hint something?

  8. @ daedalus : naah .. never mind ..

  9. 9 cendrelin

    wel…talkin from a girl’s point of view..i’d say that this problem is never gonna stop untill guys stop thinkin like perverts….till then all we girls can do is to take care of ourselves….and curse all those sick guys form the bottom of our hearts……

    actually…its just so sick that the same male population who sits and thinks pervertly about everyfemale he sees, will never ever respect or accept a woman who isnt 1000% pure…and undefiled….

    actually its sick teh way guys treat prostitutes too…they use them and abuse them but have u ever heard of any guy respecting her for that?? or for accepting a woman like that??? yeah…i think the world will be loads better off without testosterone…this sucks…i cant go on writing bout this…kinda all angry rite now…catch ya later bro!!

  10. @cendrelin Hey…i hope you’re not generalising about men here!

  11. 11 cendrelin

    i was talkin bout men in general….there are those few exceptional guys … who are real gentlemen….if only there were more of them….

  12. @cendrelin thats a tad bit feminist. there are a lotta nice guys out there sis, you just dont know em yet! The only 2 u knw are ur cousins! 🙂

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