We are one tonight : Switchfoot


Great song, great band, amazing video!

Thanks bro!


5 Responses to “We are one tonight : Switchfoot”

  1. Dude, the header image – amazing!! I am just discussing that with Harini!! Seriously, but then where did you get this image from? I dunno, me thinketh – The Matrix fame. Or something inspired from The Matrix. Btw if you are wondering, it’s the scene, where in this guy gets focused ;-)!

  2. @Guru If you mean it looks a bit similar to soething out of the Animatrix…yea…maybe.

    I was going thru Google Images for something really ‘out there’ and this is what I found! 🙂

  3. 3 lumeno

    darn! i was just putting up the vdo on my blog and you beat me to it! i hate you!!!

  4. Hey, great video….. Jus wat d postsays…. simply awesum……. Y can’t u b a littl more informativ? I’ve 2 c d videos u’ve posted and den Google forevr 4 any relatd info… Grt post (I mean d video, not ur knack of rytin pathetically undernourisd posts dat lead me in2 makin Ambani stil richr).

  5. @indisch Ah…unlike you I put up the video just because it was cool. i have no intention of putting up why, how or where all it was shot or how the band came into being. C’mon man…this isn’t a music video encyclopedia. besides…I’m not as hooked to trivia as you are! 🙂

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