my epiphany


As I’ve long suspected but seldom believed, most things (love, money, happiness, blah blah) in life are overrated but life itself seems criminally underrated.

The last few weeks, I’ve been in contemplative mode thanks to the huge amounts of time I’ve had to myself. I’ve *tried* to look at where I’ve been, where I am and where I’m going from a wholly new (to me ) perspective.

If I died today, people would probably remember me as ‘that kid who could’ve been whatever he wanted to but never did anything‘. I desperately need to change that and yes, things have already been set into motion (insert ominous music here).

I’ve taken chances/choices that may make or break a lot of things in my life. The only consolation being that anything that’s broken can always be fixed. 🙂 Plus there are a lot of firm decisions I have to make and more importantly, stick to.

The whole concept of ‘a job’ has always seemed absurd to me and I hated the fact people actually spend an amazingly huge time being somebody’s bi**h! Truth is EVERYBODY is SOMEBODY’s bi**h and this realisation has brought a lot more clarity into my present situation. 🙂

  • I need to go out and meet/see more people/places.
  • I need to detatch myself a bit more from my surroundings.
  • I need to give everything I’ve got to ‘The Cause’.
  • I need to assess where I am, wrt my faith/belief/philosophy.
  • I need to tell a ‘few people’ a ‘few things’.

Right now, the sky is definetly blue!!! 🙂
Listening to Sooner or Later by Michael Tolcher

PS– This post couldn’t get any more vague could it?! 😐


4 Responses to “my epiphany”

  1. 1 lumeno

    freedom! freedom is overrated too!

    few people? few things? …. ooh…scary…

  2. @ PS: Bro!! At the exact same juncture here!! Well, the thing is even i have to tell a few people certain things. ;-)!! All the best with your life from now on!! Btw when the hell are you getting to Bangalore?

  3. @Lumeno Sigh! yes bro, freedom is overrated too! Happy?

    @Guru Ah…all the best to us!
    I’ll be in Blore by the time you’re back man…may have to stay back for atleast 4 months!

  4. 4 months!! Shit that;s a lotta time :P!! Anyhoo – cool, by the time I am back [*crossing my fingers* hoping I am back] you should be settled in Bangalore!! Try and settle around the BTM area 😉 Hehe!! Well, that’s all for now!! Adios… I sprained my back yday and well I had time to think on a lotta things – NOT!! hehe for more info ;-)!! check out the usual place 😛

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