Disclaimer: FICTION! 

I walked out for a cup of coffee. Honestly, I’ve never felt the effects of caffeine but I was sickeningly addicted to it. Maybe that was the effect. Addiction.  I guess I took it because it was the only drug that was both legal and affordable. I waited for the last drip to make it’s way out of the machine and then for a second to make sure that I didn’t miss a drop. Java in hand, I walked to the nearest window and slowly sipped it and waited for the bittersweet taste to register. It felt good.

An office on the 6th floor had given me the opportunity to be a silent onlooker onto the unsuspecting world below. I could go on and tell you that the little girl playing in the sand made me long for my own childhood or that the labourer toiling in the sun made me hate my easy life. I could tell you a lot of things that people would normally say…but then, I’d be lying.

I looked out the window and all I could see was the clear blue, cloudless sky and the multitude of buildings and not-so-building like structures fighting for space on the already crowded landscape. Billboards with scantily clad women and muscular men advertising things I didn’t care about caught my eye. Roads, if you could call them that, kept crisscrossing into each other and harboured countless souls on their way to God knows where. God knows where. God knows. God. Did God look down and see all this? All this chaos? Did He ever look down? It sure didn’t seem like He did. To me, everything out there looked so lifeless. It was like staring out the window to see a movie that didn’t have soul. A movie that inspired no emotions.

Nothing affected me anymore. Nothing. Not the coffee or the life outside. Things like love,  poverty, famine, heaven, hell and the likes didn’t seem to matter. All that mattered was money. Money. And maybe happiness. Only if I knew what happiness was. I mean, I know when I’m happy. I laugh at a joke, I’m happy. I hear a peppy number, I’m happy. I’m out with my friends, I’m happy. I go back home, I’m happy. But how is being happy different from Happiness? Is happiness a state that lasts for a period of time or is it just something that’s as overrated as the movie that won some award?

I glanced sideways to see her standing beside me. Coffee cup in hand, there was a calmness and serenity on her face that I never saw when we were at work. She looked almost other wordly and I was actually taken back by how beautiful she looked when she wasn’t talking about ‘mitigating business factors’ or ‘deferring of ideas for evaluation’. At that  moment, she was another person. A person I could learn to like. Love even. She turned to face me.

“I really hate this place.”


“I wish there was some higher meaning to all of this shit.”


“There has to be meaning right? There has to be! Or is everything so…so…so fucking random?”

“I like to think it is. I mean, c’mon it’s not like somebody’s gonna come and tell us that we were on Candid Camera or something.” She didn’t even smile.

“I need to get out of this…this cycle. Are you coming?”


“Anywhere. Everywhere.”

“Look…maybe we should get back to work.”

“Well, I’m going anyway. You can come if you want to.” With that, she climbed up the sill, slid back the giant window and jumped out.

Shit. What just happened? I craned my head forward to peer out the window, only to bang my head on the glass. It was closed. I heard a faint chuckle behind me.

It was her.

“I really hate this place.”


30 Responses to “coffee”

  1. 1 soorajrox


  2. nice! have u noticed that u try and kill or just try to kill people in all ur stories..u mite need some help…;-) i’m flying to chennai this weekend..

  3. Dude!! *bowing to thee*

    I loved it!! Loved it!! shouting with my huge foam finger raised and shouting “Encore Encore”!!

  4. @sooraj 😐

    @triqetra I’ve always needed help man! 🙂 read ur post…couldnt make much of it but know ur goin to chennai! 🙂

    @guru Danke! 🙂 Been in my drafts for sometime now…

  5. @ prestidigitator-wats there to understand…i’m goin to chennai..for a rock concert..thats mostly it..guess u got that 🙂

  6. Okay wait….. so she doesnt jump…. but then u wanted her to jump??? or YOU wanted to jump??? or u jus feared she might jump??? or u jus feared everyone might jus jump????? wat is wid the jumping ???? :-O

    Lolz…. but gr8 post man!! Loved it. If not a movie, u might atleast do some real good documentaries 😀

  7. @daedalus ….

    @triquetra ah…you are truly eXtreme! a little too eXtreme maybe….

    @all4love no…she doesn’t jump annie…she doesn’t. but then again, it is open to interpretation! 🙂

    Thanks for the compliment!

  8. 9 soorajrox

    damn i am gonna miss a EUPHORIA concert tmw….happens to be during work that’s y n can’t leave the office 😦

  9. 10 soorajrox

    @ prestidigitator
    ….I meant that I liked the post homie….


  10. go read my post man!!and go crazy!!take a sick leave..wats there!!

  11. @sooraj no comments…reminds me of the euphoria concert we went at NIT and g****e was all stoned. You weren’t there…:-P

    @triquetra enjoy man…sometimes i wish i were as impulsive as you. only sometimes.

  12. 13 soorajrox

    yeah….anyway maybe………………..someother time… 🙂

  13. Too much of Conrad and Kubrick, I gues! Whew!

  14. @indisch Nothing like Conrad…maybe surreality of Kubrick…a little!

  15. 16 lumeno


  16. @lumeno yes yes little one…I CAN be strange. bloody hell…i woke up late ‘cos of last nights conversation! and put up those pics dumbass! 😐

  17. 18 cendrelin

    woah…i din know u could write like that!! u know the funny thing is tht with all teh so called poems i write and all the stuff i try to write, how come i can never get any of my stuff to be half as real as yours????

    u write stuff that feels real…keep goin bro…

  18. @cendrelin Aww man! That compliment felt great ‘cos it came from you. I can NEVER imagine writing (sometimes understanding too) those poems that you write.

    Anyhoo face it, you’re the one who writes best in the family! 🙂

  19. 20 adrenalin

    @ prestidigitator, dude is dis a gr8 blog or just sumthin dat really happened to u ,,, de fact dat u put a DISCLAIMER at de beginning has me quizzing. For all i know, ur “sickeningly addicted” to COFFEE, beautiful girls and random thinking.

    So if u ask me this has got to be an excerpt from the autobigraphy ur writing !!!

  20. @adrenalin How the hell am I addicted to ‘beautiful girls’?? 😐

    It’s fiction…trust me…most of it! 🙂

  21. 22 adrenalin

    DAMN !!! Ur right, my mistake. How can i 4get…
    This gUy is gAy.. so hows dat guy John Zachria u said u were going out with ??

  22. @adrenalin I hate you

  23. 24 adrenalin

    @ prestidigi…
    PHEW !!! boy, am i glad to hear dat.. cos i tot u were makin ur moves on me too..

  24. @adrenalin aaaaargh!isnt it enuf that you pull my leg offline??!! why come online!

  25. great story… stealing it.

  26. @nelsonnium What???

  27. great story! 🙂

  28. 29 Charl

    Hate me, but I find it superhard to believe your fiction is indeed fiction. Too much of you in there. WTF, too much me in there, come to think of it.

    Well…at least you write it down. Me, I pause, float in the beauty of the moment, and let it pass. It’s mine only. Then I go back to letting people believe I’m shallow.

    PS: Stop feeling naked about me reading your old posts, cause I’m gonna read them anyway (your categories are interesting. Like this one? Dreams). Though, of course, I forbid you to return the favor and read my old drivel.

  29. Well…I assure you I did not hallucinate anybody jumping out of a window.

    Plus…I’m seriously considering deleting all these old posts. Was I really this juvenile?

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