bouncing off the walls : tryst with ‘the spirits’


I made a very impulsive decision to go to Bangalore for the weekend and I guess it was the smartest thing I’ve done in a long time. I spent awesome time with some of my closest buddies (though there were people missing), had major realizations and did something I thought I’d never do. Results were nothing like I expected though.

My first drink! Yes, yes I’ve been against it very adamantly for a very very long time but I guess inspite of everything I said, I did it anyway. So this is what happened.

I was first offered a Breezer which I was assured had minimal alchohol content (4.2 %). It tasted like a bitter version of Limca. Nothing happened. Inhibitions lowered, I went on to try Vodka…48 % alchohol content.

It was pretty late into the night and I put on Lucky Number Slevin (a Tarantino inspired movie that I hoped would have scenes that would be appreciated more when ‘high’). One sip later, the bitter and frankly disgusting liquid passed through my throat with a slight burning sensation. I waited for something to happen. Nothing. Another sip. Nothing. Still another one. Nothing.

Two glasses of Vodka and some national drink of Turkey (Ajoe cha, I forgot the name) later, I was convinced that the effects of alchohol were overrated. I felt nothing. No moment of clarity. No ‘enlightment’. Nothing. And to top it off, the movie wasn’t that great…just a sort of wannabe Pulp Fiction.

At around 2 am, I got up after the movie and that’s when it happened. I exhibited something Daniel calls ‘The Spiderman Effect’. I couldn’t keep my hands off the wall…was all wobbly and dizzy. All I could do was go and sleep.

So there…my tryst with ‘the spirit’ was a disappointment and I don’t really understand why anybody would shell so much cash on something that tastes so disgusting and makes you nauseous! I still prefer Coffee! 🙂

That said, had a fantastic time in Bangalore. I actually miss a lot of people.


32 Responses to “bouncing off the walls : tryst with ‘the spirits’”

  1. HAHAHA…. Im happy for you. Really! Atleast some guys ( and many girls) have some sense. Its good you came to that conclusion… The way it started I wondered if you’ve fallen into the dark side 😉 YES! All those who drink, you ARE in the dark side… Man! they cant trace me from this comment, can they???.
    So banglore has such good effects huh? Well I might be in Bglore nxt yr 😀 Got a job! So might get to see such wounderful specimens like you 🙂

  2. Hey hey hey!! Dude, drinking for sure is not overrated!! First of all, NO1 watches a movie after drinking. You talk, you sing merry, you partey!! Or indulge in deep philosophical ramblings like these guys do It’s not complete yet!! But, yeah that’s the kinda non eye-opening, absolutely crap conversations that drunks share :-P!!

    Anyhoo, I really think that you have had a bad experience with drinking. Btw, for the person who told that drinking is the DARK side, a lil amount of alcohol is actually good for ur heart. Especially BEEER :-P!!

    Wait wait wait til I get there and get you to drink with me dude!! It will be awesome. I am off drinking till July, so well, just wait and watch the amount of alcohol I consume when I get there, although beer is practically cheaper than water/milk in Germany. Doesn’t make sense, yeah well it does to me :-P!!

    Anyhoo, dude, u are NOT stopping to drink just because of this experience. Comon!! somebody anybody, this guy needs help!! Bring out some bottles of beer and get this guy drunk please!!

  3. 3 soorajrox

    lol..spiderman effect…….did u get rainmaker effect? 😀

  4. 4 soorajrox

    tell me that ajoe was not drinking WATER

  5. 5 Bentley

    Duuude..did you change you freaking number. I tried giving you a call. You never picked up. Anyhoo glad to hear you had a great time in bangalore. I have to disagree with you on something thouhg. Breezer is not that bad! A couple of years back i saw a chick 3 years younger to me drink someting like 7-8 bottles of Breezer one after the other and she didnt have a problem swaying all over the dance floor. 😉
    Anyways..gimme a call!

  6. 6 Bentley

    @All4love:hmmm…what makes you think ‘all those who drink ARE on the dark side”. Just coz you dont drink dont mean all those who do are somehow not upto ‘your’ standards. I totally disagree with you judgemental statement! . So lemme get this straight, if one has a ‘drink’ he/she is suddenly on the other side? You have gotta be kidding me!!!!@#$

  7. Phew!

    @all4love Um…I didn’t enjoy drinking only ‘cos I didn’t feel anything. Besides, your ‘Dark Side’ theory may not have a lot of buyers. Alchohlism is like any other addiction…not different from addiction to TV, internet, coffee, people, Scrubs etc…:-)

    @Guru I was expecting you amigo! 😛
    I didn’t have a bad experience or anything…I just kinda figured that I didn’t feel whatever it is that I was supposed to feel. 🙂

    Anyhoo, Bangy was awesome dude…was near BTM and all…

    @Sooraj Rainmaker ROTFL…that was some day huh? Pickle! Pickle Pickle! 🙂
    Nope…Ajoe’s holding Romanov…he drinks these days…:-)

    @Bentley Hey…didn’t have roaming in Blore….will call you up.

  8. 8 soorajrox

    I like the Dark side(breathing heavily)……wat do u say chewy???
    me:oh he says rocking!

  9. @ soorajrox: Dude, all4love believes in it. Comon, don’t mock her beliefs. We can very well show her that drinking has nothing to do with the Dark Side. We can make her watch Star Wars – completely – end to end Let’s not do any drastic steps and comment on her comments ok!! Peace bro!! I am with you! Drinking has nothing to do with the dark side.

    DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT TO MAKE A MOCKERY OF ANY BELIEF!! Just something I noticed when I woke up and my mind was working (not) to comment on this :-D!
    It’s a pity as if I remember correctly Jesus – in the Last Supper fed everyone bread and wine. The wine was produced from his own blood. Now, if his blood could produce that much wine, then his blood-alcohol content would be off the roof. He wouldn’t be allowed to drive even in Amsterdam. It would be like the blood of a hundred drunk Australians [at least] put together.

    So, how can you say that alcohol was bad when
    1. Jesus fed it @ the Last Supper [or is that WHY it was called the Last Supper? Drink and that shall be ur last supper??]
    2. HE got it outta his own blood, which obviously means that he’s been drinking quite a lot.

    @ all4love: A!! You know I completely respect your belief k, but with all due respect, well, what do you have to say for that? :-D!!

    Hmmm this just might turn out to be an interesting discussion!! ;-)!

  10. @Sooraj Man! You’re funny!

    @Guru I’ve gone there before but let me tell you…you assume wrong!

    Jesus DID NOT produce the wine from his blood! Who even told you that? He said the wine was a metaphor for blood and bread for the flesh! Alright? He didn’t take it anywhere from his body…He just said, “Do so in remembrance of me…” Okkki?

    Anyhoo, the fact that Jesus drank wine has been used by many alchoholic christians to their advantage! 🙂

  11. @prestidigitator… no comments…kallukudiyan…

  12. 12 soorajrox

    @guru- kein Wortspiel beabsichtigte (courtesy google translate toolbar 😀 )… dude i meant no harm to anyone, was just in the mood of star wars,that’s all 🙂
    @prestidigitator-homie u r right, actually there are many other things that the christian ppl themselves take in a wrong sene
    @triquetra….hmmmm look who s talking….
    @swen – wo bist du?

  13. @ PS: Thanks for correcting me dude! Anyhoo, the fact lies that Jesus did SERVE wine :-P! And well, now that he’s asked the people to follow his teachings, the Christians are obviously gonna do it!!

    Hey, btw, a really interesting thing I came up with on the trip to office!! Christians are the only people where in a child can drink freely in front of his parents. What I mean by that is wine is considered A-ok by the Christians rite? I mean during Xmas dontcha guys have plum cake and wine? I got it whenever I went carol-singing for charity ;-)!!

    Btw, interesting thing you have put on here

    Anyhoo, the fact that Jesus drank wine has been used by many alchoholic christians to their advantage!

    Jesus drank???

    And another thing – wine is a metaphor for Jesus’ blood? Now, it’s mighty interesting. Ok, I am gonna keep my thoughts to myself and prolly take this offline ;-)!! I dont think many people would be broad enough to answer the questions that I have.

    And just in case you guys are wondering, no I am not a Christian, however, I am a Hindu – a Brahmin @ that. If you ask me if stuff like alcohol is banned in my faith, the fact is I dunno. However, most of the Gods that I know had two wives, and all of them talk about amruth – the universal medicine. And since Hinduism is inundated with Sahasranamams – 1000 names – for everything. I am assuming, Beer, Vodka, Rum, Gin, oocha, Tequila, Whiskey, Brandy and another 992 names are left for amruth ;-)!

    Ok, anyhoo, not to be blasphemous, I believe in all the faiths btw. Well not everything in each and every tenet of every faith, coz well lemme be honest, I dunno!!

    However, all I can say is a lil bit of alcohol never hurts anyone. Furthermore, I am a living proof that nothing is so addictive, except for probably the internet :-P!! I used to drink quite a bit and I haven’t had a drop to drink in the past 3 months now people and well I am in GERMANY – ze land of bier and a lotta other things!! So, yeah having the right amount of fun – nothing beats that :-)!!

    Btw, I am not propagating or lobbying for drinking!! but, I would in case someone is ready to offer me money ;-P!! Anyhoo, PS, I think you should have at least one drink with my company and I will teach ya how to enjoy [responsibly???] drinking :-P!!

  14. Yeah, I just reached office and I have a lil bit of time :-P!!

  15. How long was it that I made my “judgemental statement”??? So much of discussions that I missed!! Huh! Well, I guess i must make things a lil more clear….

    All I meant was, drinking CAN get addictive. Its like playing with fire. You might say it wudnt hurt if ur careful n stuff… but u never know wen it just might burn… And abt the “DARK” side!!! Emmmm how dark is dark??? depends on how addicted one gets… Yes Guru, apne sahi kahaa…. Drinking a lil wine is good… Ive hrd its even a medicine… And in cold places like Germany, I think its real good coz it increases the body heat or smthing… But I’ve heard than WEN ONE DRINKS FOR THE SAKE OF PLEASURE, THE RISK OF GETTING ADDICTED INCREASES. Now in this case, our friend Punnen, if I understood rite didnot need wine as a medicine nor to drive away the depression of a terrible life without Natali Portman! he was jus tring to see if there is any pleasure in it and he found it, “a disappointment and I don’t really understand why anybody would shell so much cash on something that tastes so disgusting and makes you nauseous!” Now that is what made me happy!! That one person found it disgusting and thus his chances of getting addicted in less.

    And if drinkers being in the DARK SIDE has given any wrong ideas as being in HELL or watever that made u guys retort so strongly, I appologize!!! I take it back…
    Peace 🙂

  16. I didnt get anything from the STAR WAR thing!! I guess I shud watch the whole thing !! :-l

    I hope “Wait wait wait til I get there and get you to drink with me” was addressed to Punnen. I aint coming to bglore to get drunk! Im coming there to work 😀

    Abt the Jesus’s blood n wine thing, well PS was kind enuf to xplain. 🙂 And abt xtian kids getting to drink in front of their parents… true… very true… its sad how ppl turn the Bible verses to suite their needs. But then I personaly found that even wine tastes yuk!! I prefer grape juice 🙂

  17. Overwhelming response or what!!

    @all Well, why did I try alchohol? Will I ever do it again? These are questions best left unanswered! 🙂

    I have nothing against people who drink…hell! I actually enjoyed my friends drunk! (most of the times atleast)I just don’t like drinking myself and I see it as pointless…

    Besides, I also believe that ‘addiction’ to anything is not good…too much of even a good thing is a bad thing isn’t it? 🙂

    @Guru I’m broad minded dude…you could ask me all those qns you have! 🙂 Your comments (which is a post in itself) is hilarious tho…and yep we shall get together once you get back! assured! 🙂

    @all4love You have a knack for speaking your mnd in things like these dont ya? But I have to hand it to you for not being as touchy (when it comes to opposing comments) as many other girls! 🙂

  18. 18 Bentley

    @presti and the rest: um.well said!

  19. 19 cendrelin

    woah…so u finally did it….

    next time u drink ( if u ever do) dont sit n watch ny dumb movies!! do write or something…u’ll c that u end up writing without ny inhibitions…what u really want to say will come out on paper… its pretty freaky to wake up in the morning n look at what u’ve written..can sometimes be a bit of a revelation or sort of like u get to meet the person inside of u that u’ve been cloaking for soooo long….. hey…this sounds crazy rite…ya..i kno….ur proably rollin ur eyes at me now….

  20. @cendrelin you’re freaking me out…:-|

    anyhoo…’person i’ve been cloaking’…this is all there is to it sis! and i’m proud of it! 🙂

  21. @ Cendrelin : :-O I am rolling my eyes at u now! Lolz.. so thats ur secret huh?

    nice nice…. Why is it that i find ur family so amuzing presti??? 🙂 I guess i shud take a bottle of …. ahhhh… watever it is called… Breeze? n try at writing… I’ve been lacking inspiration to write for quite some time now…. lolz 😉 N I’ll make sure i take the drink alone… I prefer keeping the revelation of the real me to myself! lolz

  22. @all4love amusing family? we’re not amusing! we’re amaaaaazing! 🙂

    It’s Breezer and I think it’s no different from Limca! 🙂

  23. hahaha oh well, I guess I shud ask ur sis wat she take then… if not breezer watever!!

    And amazing/ amusing…. watever makes u happy 🙂

  24. I yam back!! :-P!

    Anyhoo, actually all4love – I bow to thee, seriously you are taking my comments in the most broad-minded perspective exactly the reason, I shall keep your interests in my mind as well *peace and hugs*!!

    Hehe, and yeah that was intended @ you and PS ;-)! :-)!

    But dontcha worry, see, you can also go PS’s way after trying it!! Btw, there’s a golden rule in drinking. You never drink when you’re sad, well at least that’s what I/we follow – that’s me and Arjun – drinking buddies. Alcohol has this effect of elevating your current mood. And nobody wants to really feel so sad and depressed and well, Alcohol is more addictive when you drink it to alleviate ur sad mood, coz it never does :-P!!

    Hehe, told ya that this article was gonna become quite an interesting topic of discussion ;-)!

  25. broad-minded? really ??? Kewl…. lolz

    hey n abt me tring drinking n stuff, I was kidding…. wasnt dat an obvious thing… :-O
    I mean it smell so bad wen ur drunk! also… the morning head ache thing! n the vomititing n the non-sense conversations…. its all so yuk!! N b4 u get to all that crap, u actually need to gulp down that horrible liquid down ur throat. Hey, does anyone actually like that taste? Or is it jus the effect it gets later that attracts the “drinkers”? jus curious… Also if u aint sad, why why do ppl drink?? Why take the risk of getting addicted?

    hehehe well yeah, the article did turn out good 😉

  26. Ok, I used to hate the taste, however smell was always not all that bad!! However, with the taste, I Love the taste of beer. Secondly, cocktails – juice + alcohol never really taste that bad. However, for me – I LOVE the bitter taste of beer. Ummmm beeeeeuuuurrrrr :-P!!

    Risk of getting addicted is never there, provided you know that you are NOT gonna get addicted to it anyway rite?

  27. @Guru and all4love Both of you really have a knack at livening up things don’t ya?

    I thank thee for thy contributions! 🙂

  28. We are the Livener’s aren’t we A?? ;-)!

  29. HAHAHA totally!!

  30. 30 soorajrox

    I LOVE THE TASTE OF BEER….finally one guy who says that

  31. 31 soorajrox

    oh….sorry about that

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