Casino Royale



Hmmm…interesting movie. For one, I heard a lot about it before actually watching it but still didn’t expect much. Face it, how real can you make a British Secret agent look, when it’s a known fact that the boys from Langley can kick MI6 ass anyday?

However, the movie is a revelation of sorts. Casino Royale is to the Bond franchise what Batman Begins was to the previously stinky Batman movies!

Now, I’m one of those few who liked Brosnan as Bond and I didn’t really mind the cheesiness in the last 3 movies (except for Halle Berry! Aaaaargh!). So the whole idea of rebooting the franchise to make it more ‘real’ was lost on me. But this is THE Bond movie to see!

Story follows the same old plot wherein you have a rich poker playing banker financing terrorism. Mads Mikkelsen plays Le Chiffre par excellence. You really feel the anger. Add to the equation, the stunning Vesper Lynd (played by the gorgeous Eva Green) and you have a fascinating Bond babe who actually has something to do with the plot (for once) and is of consequence.


This is Bond’s first mission and so he’s what M (Judi Dench) calls a ‘blunt instrument’ and by the end of the movie he has transformed into the sharp, ruthless and flamboyant assassin we all know.

The movie is extra violent (with an excruciating torture scene), has smart one liners, has an amaaaaaazing free running chase sequence at the start and of course, beautiful women!

However there are people who will definetly be disappointed and these are the ones who have grown too attached to Brosnan. Daniel Craig is spot on as bond…but he isn’t as suave as played by Brosnan. Watch Layer Cake (a fantastic but underrated British gangster flick) and you’ll know why he was chosen to be James Bond!

All in all, I give it 7.5/10. Good stuff!

M: This may be too much for a blunt instrument to understand. Any thug can kill. I need you to take your ego out of the equation.
James Bond: So you want me to be half-monk, half-hitman.
M: I knew it was too early to promote you.
James Bond: Well, I understand double-ohs have a very short life expectancy. So your mistake will be short-lived.


20 Responses to “Casino Royale”

  1. “when it’s a known fact that the boys from Langley can kick MI6 ass anyday?”

    When/where was this proven? Sorry, I am not trying to be sarcastic, but I wonder who you’re quoting when you say its been proven. The chief of the boys from Langley is the one responsible for saying -“we have slam dunk evidence that Saddam has WMD” not to mention other multiple erroneous reports like attack on a Biological weapons factory which doubled as a normal pharma factory. Not to mention the umpteen moles who went undetected for so long.

    As far as Intelligence organizations go, the less you hear about the organization, the better they are.

  2. Btw, I’ve yet to watch the movie, as soon as I find some time.

  3. @opinionated indian My dear friend, you take things far too seriously. 🙂

    I was talking about the movie version of ze boys from Langley! 🙂 Movies that have to do with the American Intelligence are far cooler (read The Recruit and MI3) than many (if not all) the Bond flicks!

    Anyhoo, thanks for coming by!

  4. 4 soorajrox

    “Casino Royale is to the Bond franchise what Batman Begins was to the previously stinky Batman movies.”…..ok that hurts 😮 you could have put”……previoulsy stinky (even though thats not true…except for Batman n Robin) movies,except for Batman Returns.” 😐

  5. @ PS: Thanks for changing the theme again m8 Seriously!! Trying to find out what the hell I was typing was screwing my eyesight and giving me a headache :-P!

    @ opinionated indian: Dude, I agree with your logic, the less you know about an intelligence organization, the better it is :-)! That’s why the actual Intelligence Organizations in the world are – Mossad, Interpol yada yada. :-P!

    However, what I feel is that Langley has now become the “face” of American Intelligence, but there are a lot more organizations, which people are yet to discover even within the American Intelligence Community. The CIA has now become the posterboy!! Yes, I agree they brought it on themselves ;-)!

  6. @sooraj Sigh…not again man…not again 🙂

    @Guru I want more themes!!!!

    Remember ‘enemy of the state’? That was one movie that made the CIA look like crap…they glorified the NSA.

    ‘Munich’ made the CIA look like cry babies and made the Mossad ‘The Man’!

  7. I wanna c, I wanna c, I wanna c….

  8. @PS

    yea, took it quite literally.. I see what you’re saying but Recruit? Really? How about Bourne Identity/Supremacy? Mi3? Please tell me you’re kidding.


    Interpol is not an intelligence organization now, is it?

    How about a CIA theme? lol

  9. @daedalus go see go see

    @opinionated indian c’mon I thought MI3 was pretty cool…was a very decen action flick. I do realise a lot of folks were disappointed but I dunno why.

    Now Bourne Supremacy was a great movie…that was smart…really smart!

  10. @Punns

    I second you opinion on Bourne Supremacy. I could watch it , over and over again.

  11. @daedalus Yeah….apparently, back in college there were only a few who liked Bourne Supremacy. Remember, Merin fell asleep and switched to Hum Aapke Hain Kaun! 😦

  12. 12 soorajrox

    Hum Aapke hain kaun 😐 ???? that is not good

  13. @sooraj I know…but it’s Merin…so we’ll have to forgive her! 😐

  14. @ PS

    You guys really like Mi3… eh? I don’t know man.. I never like Mi2 or Mi3. Mi3 was a bit better than Mi2, but not even comparable to the first one.

    I did see Casino Royale yesterday.. pretty cool movie. :). Some thoughts on my blo later…

  15. edit… blog*

  16. @opinionated indian I hated MI2! I hated it so damn much albeit only after my 2nd viewing! 🙂

    MI3 was different…it dint have the intelligence of MI1 but it did make up for it with raw energy! Plus I loved that the ‘Rabbit’s foot’ was never revealed!

  17. MI 1 is my favourite. The others are just action flicks which u can watch and forget.

  18. Exactly! Mi I was the best…. maybe I shouldn’t be saying it coz that would be comparing it to 2 and 3, which is not a fair comparison 🙂 LOL

  19. 19 soorajrox

    Mi was a very good n yeah we sudnt even bother comparing it with Mi2…bad movie…n yeah I saw Dhoom 2,My God!!Wat a bad movie….everything …i mean everybody was bad….bad action,bad songs,bad choreography even..bad…so bad i woudn’t waste my time writing a review…..and this gravity defing thing is getting too boring

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