mature? i beg to differ!


Every morning, I wake up with that sinking feeling deep down that I’m growing up, and I hate it. Going to work makes it all the more worse…you’re actually expected to earn a living! Ugh!

So when things look as bleak, who do you count on? You count on Swen George Nanakkal!

Some things just don’t change even if 2 people are 500 kms apart…they just don’t grow up! This is a conversation Swen and I had at work yesterday…and we’re proud of it! 🙂

I miss the good old days!


36 Responses to “mature? i beg to differ!”

  1. sniff . sniff. I’m touched.

  2. @daedalus I was being dramatic! You know I don’t mean any of the nice stuff I say about you…remember we’re not even friends… 😐

  3. 3 soorajrox

    u know wat i cud be a king…(hmm King soorajrox with a crown)….u guys cud have all the trade links thro my kingdom????that ok..huh,huh….me will make a good king… …like kooskov…yeah kooskov

  4. @sooraj will have to think about it. will let you know! ‘The Homies’ will call a meeting and let you know! Don’t call us…we’ll call you! 🙂

  5. Bhoom Baby!!Ladies!Sound guy s in the house!!
    eeeeeeeei raajathi raja bellari raja elluri..raja raja raja…heavy timpani drums in the back..and 5 of us walk in slow motion..wat do u think homies?huh huh?

  6. @triquetra sigh…we were so cool before the sound effects! now, we’re all noise…just noise! 🙂

  7. @Punns

    Fine lets scrap the Sound guy Idea. Lets kill him with out making any anthem. He deserves it.

  8. @Sooraj

    I’ll get back to you on your kingdom. The thing is this world isn’t big enough for 3 of us. But we’ll try our best to sqeeze u in somewhere

  9. @daedalus Um i concur…btw…Merin wanted Paris and Milan…we may have to take her out too….

  10. @ all: I want Canary Islands and some people in India safely transported there, else trust me – the world is mine :-P!!

  11. @Punns:
    Sigh ! One more person to take out. M aybe instead of taking them out we could construct a prison island. wat say?

  12. @Guru We’ll give you the people…you can be in Germany…we won’t harm you or your loved ones. Plus, the world IS ours!

    @daedalus Yea like…Kingdom Come…forgot the name of that prison island though…

  13. @Punns:

  14. Its not an island .but a huge construction in the then waste lands of kansas

  15. @daedalus you sound like me now…:-P

  16. @Punns

    I think i just gavomited 😀

  17. 17 cendrelin

    dear bro,
    i’m really sorry for u…is the weather? teh food?? teh lack of female attention??? tell me…we can talk things out….

    do all people who are in the process of growing up go thru this phase?? or is it just for u?? …..
    and by the way… when u take over the world, bro can u plz plz get me some kind of free access to every designer store in the world?? free as in i mean that i dont pay for it….

    actually make that for me n ur sis too…. ….

    thanks…ur the best…

  18. 18 soorajrox

    @ punns n daedi
    but 😦 I’m just asking for a kingdom…one..

  19. @cendrelin Um…once i’m king…i shall do away with consumerism. designer stores will be done away with… muhahahaha muhaah

    @sooraj we’ll get back to you

  20. 20 cendrelin

    i swear if u do anything to any deisgner store anywhere……i’ll tell natalie portman all the funny stuff u did whn u were small…..then she wont go out wid u…. na na na nana…

  21. @cendrelin I dint do any funny stuff as a kid. pssst…shhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  22. Hehe, interesting, dude, independent of Nat Port reading this or not, u do know all of future acquaintances are gonna have access to this ;-)!

  23. 23 Bentley

    @’The Holmies’: Whateva you do is fine with me as long as i get control of Venezuela and Puerto Rico. Too many good looking women out there for you guys to handle. And yeah, you can kill the sound guy too…you have my vote!

  24. @guru I do realise that I may end up being single for life…but world domination is worth it! 🙂

    @Bentley Seriously…why does everyone keep asking us for countries? 😐

    Sound Guy is too far away…we may have to lure him here! any idea?

  25. *harnessing the most filmy tone* Is it PS huh? Is it?? :-P! Dude, was asleep, in the state of deep nidra when you had messaged. Just woke up! Anything urgent?

  26. 26 Bentley

    @PS:- Luring the sound guy is a piece of cake. I could tell you the plan..but then ..i’ll have to kill you(so cliche aint it?) Anyhoo if your the guys who end up ‘dominating’ the world then obviously one has to ask you for control over it. You know what they say “cant beat em? ..join em!”

  27. @Guru Wanted to ak you something about wordpress…will talk sometime.

    @Bentley Um…we could always say that we’re doing something extreme here and he’s sure to come! 🙂

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