Celine: It’s my biggest fear. To be one of those people with a sort of academic, liberal, detatched view of everything. The whole attitude has nothing to do with really living.

Jesse: Who’s to say what’s really living?

Celine: Well, I wonder. That’s the big question no? I think it’s either a life experienced or a life examined. But life examined is life experienced.

Maybe if I had none of these stupid artisitic pretentions at all, I would be looking at the world differently.

                                 From Before Sunrise (Richard Linklater, 1995)


4 Responses to “–”

  1. awesome! But what were you doing reading all that? 😐

  2. Hey dude found something dunno if you’ll find it interesting I saw it on Digg.


    “Two guys walk upon this man panhandling and it turns into a deep philosophical lecture about the meaning of life and the ultimate truth. Warning: Very Long”

    The video is here its about 30 minutes long.

  3. Holy Crap man ! That’s some video…thing is there are a lot of people like that in our country too…remember that guy near our hostels back in college? Just that we never understood a thing he said.

    Except that the guys who filmed this are total idiots! Shows how shallow some Americans are!

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