Vivek: Enlightened or Delusional?


Disclaimer: The video is 38 minutes long!

First off…thanks Arpit!

I couldn’t resist posting this…mostly because this is eerily similar to a one hour conversation I had with my bro last night.

This guy got filmed by a couple of idiots who were just having some fun with a homeless guy…goes to show how some people can be so damn shallow!

He’s amazingly articulate and mind numbingly profound. Makes you wonder if a person can be truly happy only if he/she gives up everything…


7 Responses to “Vivek: Enlightened or Delusional?”

  1. First off, check your tags in the post dude, some tag is missing and has changed all the fonts in ur theme to Courier/Courier New. Check it up!!

    Now, to the video itself

    The concept(s) that Vivek here is speaking about is not something that he alone shares in this world. However, I would admit that he has one of _the_ most contemporary ways of putting it, which is what makes it so profound. The initial part of the video is highly derived from the Vedas and the Hindu philosophy of “You are God” from what every Brahmin, and in general, every Hindu tries to attain “Aham Brahmasmi”! I am God, the Lord, the Creator

    If you analyze it and dissect it into parts, you do realize that he’s a LOT more learned than what we would think of him. He looks and at times acts the part of a college prof, double PhD [easily] working in some big conglomerate [check the CRISP WHITE SHIRT] and well, must have lost his job and took to the streets. Now, this would obviously make him realize and think about the world, what he’s learned from it. You’d also notice another thing!!

    The number of times,he says that’s it and still continues. That speaks of sadness and well the desperate need to keep the company.

    But profound nonetheless. What I feel is that the guys shooting the video should have shown a lil more respect, but then again that’s in retrospection. I dunno how I would react if I were faced with such a possibility @ the age of 19 [read the READ FIRST: Top right] SO yeah I guess they can be forgiven. Furthermore, they may not wanna be so enlightened dude ;-)!

    Anyhoo, Arpit, awesome find!! =)!

  2. man…what a guy. shame about the guys shooting. show some respect.

  3. 3 bugtracker

    Nice video ! But, what is it with this flash lights and atomic molecular structure which controls the physical body ? Frankly, I have no clue about half of the things that he is trying to say, brain is not working anymore :/

    @guru : This guy may not even care for the company of those jerks. It appears to me that his _that’s it_ is just a desperate attempt to convey what he wants to tell. Every time he gets misunderstood, he try even harder to make himself more clear and I guess, that’s important to him.

    I don’t blame those jerks either, they were just being themselves. If not from them, we may not be seeing this video at the first place.

  4. Alright, I’ve watched this video a LOT of times now and I think the guy is brilliant…cuckoo but brillian! Plus the concepts he talks about are not new I agree…it’s just that the guy is so bloody articulate…you know he knows what he’s talking about.

    @Guru You know, I’m no steadfast Christian…but it’s said in the bible that God made man in his *own* image and later also that every human soul is the temple of God or something to that effect. Essentially the same thing the dude above says.

    And oh yeah….about the guys who took the video…I admit they must have regretted what they did else they wouldn’t have put up the video with pretty much the whole wrold/cybewrold watching their ass antics!

    @bugtracker Long time! I had no clue what he was talking about either…but I think I’ve understood parts of it after repeated viewings. I kinda figured that he knew the kids were screwing around…he described them as ‘flippant’ dint he? πŸ™‚

  5. 5 soorajrox

    yet to see the video…btw good theme…do u like the new wordpress login page..i dont like it

  6. @sooraj I don’t like it either man…too messy. somehow reminds me of Blogger.

    Anyhoo watch Season 6 Ep 3…it’s getting better and better! πŸ™‚

  7. @ PS: Dude, the inscrutable Americans – WONDERFUL book :-P!!

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