but why?




17 Responses to “but why?”

  1. I protest. Do not believe what you see. He edited this Conversation. I swear.

    People unite against this lump of corruption. I suggest a non violent movement. All youhave to do is write garden state on a CD and break it. This way we can fight him (please.. )

  2. @daedalus The truth eventually had to come out….though I’m not sure what it is.

    Anyhoo…breaking a GS state CD ain’t gonna do anything to me…I think. 😐

  3. oh so u think you are immune to garden state breakage. Think again. You’ll be begging for mercy .. something on the lines of

    kill me ,but leave those innocent cds alone. I beg of u …

  4. How little you know me! How little! *shakes head in disgust*

    *gulps down 2 glasses of water*

  5. emmm.. i dont get the funny part of this conversation :l Is there more to it than wats seen on the front page? or am I going dumb day by day????

  6. Don’t bother thinking too much Annie…don’t bother! 🙂

  7. awww common….. there is more to it.. aint there????

  8. Nope ..thats it.

  9. emmmm….. Im getting ideas…. argh!! hope thats not it! lolz…. anyways… “hahaha” from me.. though I dont get it.

  10. Nope…whatever you think…it’s not it! 😛

  11. No ideas .. just dont think about it. Your “hahaha” is accepted.

  12. I think I should warn Ari bro!! *thinking hard*!! Dude, you’re trying to fill my shoes, not corrupt them!! =P!!

    Btw, seriously, I saw garden state, nothing much to the movie, save for Natalie Portman!!

  13. *ducking for cover*!!

  14. @Guru I’m moving in…not Swen! 🙂

    Ah…Garden State is special for personal reasons…

    Relax I’m not gonna throw anything at ya! I’m tired of explaining! 😦

  15. Garden state .. still didnt see that 🙂 n Natalie portman… i dont see wats so special abt her 😉

  16. mmm punnen here a Natalie portman video

    lemme know what you think 😉

  17. @scribex Ah! I’ve seen this one loooong back when it caame out and I simply love it! Sigh…what a bad girl! 😛

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