so long and thanks for all the fish


Incidentally, I haven’t had fish in Hyderabad except for once maybe.

Anyhoo, The Man has decided to shift me to Bangalore/Bengalooru and so in less than 12 hours I’ll be saying goodbye to Hyderabad. Forgive the cliche, but the last 6 months have been a blur of events. Some trivial; most life changing. I’ve fallen in love with the city and I’ve also had the opportunity of meeting/befriending a lot of people ranging from the fiercely feminist to the staunchly egotistical!

But the one thing that Hyderbad always gave me was the chance to indulge my hobbies be it movies, books or quizzing. I was rarely ever bored (with exceptions) inspite of the fact that I stayed alone for the last 2 months.

After two months of solitary confinement, I feel I may be ready for society. But then again, is society ready for me?

Listening to Baby Goodbye by Aqualung


5 Responses to “so long and thanks for all the fish”

  1. Hyd will miss you … epecially all the eunuchs 🙂

  2. 2 soorajrox

    dont think u’ll find much of ’em eunachs over there in b’lore

  3. sheesh man i thought u ‘blended’ well in hyd..wid all the eunechs arnd…now u’ll hafta find some of them in banglr to ‘blend’ with

  4. @Daedalus and Triquetra: Don’t worry… We’ve plenty of them here in Bangalore, too…. You can even find them even in residential areas…

  5. @swen Really man! How can I ver thank you enough for starting this off!

    @all Well…got attacked by 3 of them on my way to work today. It’s almost like they’ve been following me! 😐

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