Namma Uroo Bengaluroo? Not yet.


I’m sitting at my work station and I’m afraid I’ll fall asleep any moment now. That wouldn’t be too cool so I’ve decided to write.

I’ve been severely sleep deprived for the last few days and things have been going very very wrong ever since I set foot in this place. It all started with my SIM not working, then my ATM card not responding and finally my ID card not being accepted at work. I smell a conspiracy and to top it off I think I may be catching a cold (so much for conspiracy smelling!)!

The icing on the cake was when I realised my office was a long way off from the city. An hour if I take the bus and two hours if I go by bike (thanks to my keen directional skills). The bike ride has induced severe wear and tear of certain regions of the anatomy and has increased my already receding hair line.

Now, things aren’t as bad as I make them seem. The toilets at my work place are amazingly spotless and I have great friends in Bangalore who for some wierd reason don’t scream at me when I lose my way around but just play along and pick me up no matter where I am.

Bad attempts at sarcasm aside, I had a pretty neat Christmas thanks to somebody who actually humored me by listening to me ramble on all night long. I love conversations that seem to be profound but in the end are just pointless! 🙂

Thanks to Guru, I don’t have to go apartment hunting and I may soon move into an apartment with Arijit, another blogger! It’s amazing how I’ve met so many people through the net; and they say the internet kills interpersonal interactions. Bah! Humbug!

Crap! Writing isn’t helping…I still feel like going to the lobby and plopping onto the sofa!

Listening to Clumsy by Our Lady Peace


13 Responses to “Namma Uroo Bengaluroo? Not yet.”

  1. out of curiosity – which poor soul wasn’t allowed to sleep on christmas night.

    And Punns on bike?

  2. @daedalus Which poor soul? Ha!
    Clue: We look alike and the person in question stays in your city! 🙂

    Punns on bike but Punns wasn’t riding! 🙂

  3. @Punns
    Merin it is. And dont insult he like that again …


  4. insult her? right!

  5. becarefulllll duuudeee … bangalore will take away ur life …

  6. aarrrgghh … nm … ignore that …

  7. @Johnny: What life? 😐

  8. 8 cendrelin

    u on a bike???? hey is it the one natalie portman gave u for christmas???? u know any places is bglore thats good for mass comm???? is ur phone okay??? cos i cant seem to get u. .. and bout giving my poems to u know who…will it be possible?????? nyways bon nouvel an…. (happy new year…yes its french..)

  9. @cendrelin I only got here but I shall check out the colleges…no probs.

    My phones NOT ok…I’ve got to get a new number and I’ll probably do it when I get time this week or the next or the week after or…

    Anyhoo, I’ll be home (hopefully) by Sunday…will talk about ‘poem/you know who’ then!

    Natalie didn’t give me the bike…we’ve decided on just giving each other our ‘love’ on Christmas! 😛

    Bon Nouvel to you too sis!

  10. 10 soorajrox

    hey…ok at first i was surprised to hear that u were on a bike…..directional skills???u better work on that….et joyeux new year btw

  11. 11 soorajrox

    the snap is good…looks like……newyork(as in the movie phone booth)

  12. @sooraj I was on a bike doesn’t mean I was riding it! C’mon! 🙂

    That my dear homie, is Brigade and I din’t take that pic!

  13. 13 soorajrox

    i had a feeling that was brigade rd.

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