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I’ve been fiddling around with a Rubik’s Cube for sometime now. Just because Will Smith solved one in few minutes in The Pursuit of Happyness doesn’t mean it’s an easy affair. It took me quite some time to figure that out. I’ve always assumed that a slightly above average level of intelligence was the only pre […]

“You better be sure you wanna know what you wanna know.”   Brick(2006) by Rian Johnson is a daring film in many ways. It assumes, much like Primer that the viewers are smart and are willing to go with the plot no matter how far fetched it may seem. The lines are confounding to say the least. Sometimes they don’t make […]

Recent revelations: I’m not as patriotic as I’d like to be. Republic Day came and went without me even pausing to think what it was about. I did manage to stick that India Poised tattoo which came free with Times of India on my arm though. Patriotism on my sleeve! Went bowling and I’m good. Finally, […]



Stars lookin at our planet watching entropy and pain And maybe start to wonder how the chaos in our lives could pass as sane I’ve been thinking bout the meaning of resistance, of a hope beyond my own And suddenly the infinite and penitent begin to look like home I’ve been thinking bout everyone, everyone […]

Came across these two articles. Very interesting. 🙂 The Science is clear: Marriage should be eradicated The Big Questions (How did life begin? What’s the universe made of? Why do we sleep? 42 of the biggest questions in science.)

Born into Brothels is an amazingly inspiring and uplifting documentary that puts other narrative documentaries to shame. The widely acclaimed film, written and directed by Zana Briski and Ross Kauffman won the Academy Award back in 2005. I picked it up only because I had heard a lot about it and I thought I could get […]

Disclaimer: The author wishes to state that the following pointless rant (as always) is the fault of  Andhra Pradesh Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) who in their great wisdom gave him the last seat on the bus from Hyderabad to Bangalore as a result of which the author was unable to get any sleep. To add to his […]