Say hello to Natalie! :-) (HP dv6125ea)




  • Processor : Intel Core  Duo 1.73 GHz
  • 1024 MB DDR II SDRAM
  • 100GB HDD
  • Display Type : 15.4 in TFT active matrix (Brightview; a very glossy surface which can be distracting at times)
  • Graphics Processor: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950
  • 54g Integrated 802.11 b/g Wireless LAN , Bluetooth
  • 5 in 1 card slot
  • 8X DVD RW
  • 1.3MP inbuilt cam
  • Altec Lansing Speakers
  • HP Quick Play; the machine comes with a detachable remote that works with Quick Play
  • Windows XP Home
  • Drivers & Utilities, HP Photosmart Premier 6.0, HP QuickPlay Direct 2.1, QuickPlay for Windows 2.1, Norton Internet Security 2006, Microsoft Windows Media Player 10, Microsoft Money 2006, Real Rhapsody, muvee AutoProducer 4.5, Sonic Digital Media Plus 7.x  etc…

    One downside I’ve seen so far is that the machine comes with 2 partitions; one having 80GB and the other with 20GB which is called the recovery partition. Partitioning the system further would mean re installing Windows XP and HP Quick Play which seems to be too much of a hassle so I think I’ll wait…for smarter friends 🙂
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    16 Responses to “Say hello to Natalie! :-) (HP dv6125ea)”

    1. To partition, you can just install Partition Magic 8 and be done with it on the fly :-)! Damn, I should have been home, would have totally decked your Natalie, only if u lemme play with her :-P!!

      Ok, somebody better not hear this ;-)!

    2. And… Hello natalie *wink wink Rawr n give a glinting eyes look* ;-)!

    3. @Guru Watch what ya say man! Natalie’s mine now! Muhahaha!

      Anyhoo…as for partitioning…will partition magic do that without formatting it? If so…I’ll be doing that and installing Suse!

      I’ll be posting more on Natalie’s performance (ugh) soon but for now, I love watching movies on it…the Brightview screen is el perfecto! 🙂

    4. Hehe yeah ;-)! Talk about kiss and tell :-P! ;-)! Waiting 2 hear Natalie’s performance ;-)!

    5. 5 Arpit

      holy crap dude this is beyond a kickass system. I so totally jelous.

    6. 6 cendrelin

      i cant belive u went public with the natalie thing……wowie…

    7. hmmm … u nameed ur laptop ?? 😉

    8. 8 jes

      duh! u didnt say how much flooze $?

    9. 9 bugtracker

      wow ! Natalie is leathal.

    10. @cendrelin Whatd you think? I was joking about natalie? Noooo waaaay! 🙂

      @johnny Dude! Linda, Sherry? Ring any bells?

      @Jes well, bought it from Kuwait…so came to around 300KD

      @bugtracker Hows Kim doin? 🙂

    11. i want a macbook …. waah ….

    12. @daedalus you need a life!

    13. @ daedalus – what PS means by that is get an iLife aka get a MacBook! And then gift it to me *sigh* that thing is gorgeous. Btw, I take only black :-P!! [color of the MacBook] ;-)!

    14. 14 Charl

      The specifications are almost exactly the same as my Acer lappy from the Aspire series that I’m forced to mention it…except for few things; as far as I remember, I have a crystalbrite screen, 120 GB HDD…and 1 GB RAM, which I’m about to upgrade any day now (I’m just saying cos your specification list reads so much like mine. But we know what a vapid ninny I am when it comes to computer stuff, so don’t take my word for it.)

      And about naming your laptop, I would expect it from a guy who refers to himself in third person on his About page. No actually, I considered it myself, but was not inspired enough. At best, I know it’s a he.

    15. @Charl So your laptop’s a guy and mines a girl. I’m no matchmaker but hey, maybe they should meet each other sometime. 🙂

      As for writing in the third person…well apart from being evidence that yours truly is going through a phase of arrested development, it also allows a certain sense of detachment. The Prestidigitator feels he can be more honest that way.

    16. 16 narendra shenoy

      I thought it’s a great idea to name your laptop. With so many USB ports in it, I guess it is logical to name it after a woman.

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