Holy Crap! It’s actually here! The iPhone!



 Now we wait for the reviews!



11 Responses to “Holy Crap! It’s actually here! The iPhone!”

  1. drool .. drool …

  2. drool .. drool…

    i think iknow what u should buy me for my birthday… 😀

  3. sooraj wants iit for his NEXT bday and i want it for mine. Now, if you remember, mine comes before both of yours! So start saving cash and be a good pal wont ya? 🙂

  4. U knw sumthn? I was jus lukin at it and den I visitd ur page…. and bang! It was der ryt b4 my eyes again……..It’s a syn, pal…… it’s a syn. U knw wat 4, don’t u?

  5. 5 bugtracker

    It has a stripped down version of OS x which has no support for other third party softwares or in other words no Opera 😦 however, it comes with their own version safari/web-kit . Moreover, $ 500 for a phone with an ipod nano is a bit over priced.

  6. @indisch Sign or no sign…you’re not getting it from me! 🙂

    @bugtracker Alright…I was talking about this ‘overpricing’ bit to a couple of people here today…and I think it’s not too pricey (even though I can’t imagine affording it).

    Plus it plays videos…so it ain’t exactly a nano. The EDGE feature is just 2.5 I think, the one downside. And it works as a PDA too…I have a feeling it’s alright.

  7. @Punns

    PDA, u say? they havent mentioned anything about editing and using Office Documents,did they?

  8. @daedalus Alright, they haven’t mentioned that but I assume it’s got to be there right. It can download email attachments and stuff…so I just assumed.

    On the site it says

    “….applications and software, including rich HTML email, full-featured web browsing, and applications such as widgets, Safari, calendar, text messaging, Notes, and Address Book. “

  9. 9 bugtracker

    Nopes, they have no support for Office documents and they doesn’t qualify as a smart phone either. It is a bit overpriced for an ipod which comes with a phone that can play videos.


    I’m curious to see how safari’s mobile browsing kit works and their widget support is still in an infantry stage. But still, this is going to spread the word about mobile browsing.. so can’t be bad for us anyways.

  10. @bugtracker OK I’ve read about that too now. So it’s not a smart phone. Hmm…that’s disappointing.

    Isn’t this whole widget thing a great idea (I think you meant infancy not infantry :-))? Heard they’re gonna include stock and weather widgets first.

    Some sites say, the battery is awesome but others say it sucks. Since no one has actually reviewed it, I think we’ll have to wait. BTW the OS looks BEAutiful! 🙂

  11. 11 bugtracker

    Oops 😛 My bad. Infantry doesn’t sound all that inappropriate here or does it ? (\me only trying to cover up something).

    Widgets is indeed a great idea. But it will take a while before we see good web applications running on widgets.

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