What happened to ‘Shock and Awe’?


Last evening, a friend and I were walking through one of the numerous side roads in Koramangala when we happened to see a huge crowd in the middle of the road. Now the first thought that went through our minds was ‘accident’. There was a lady in her early fifties lying on the ground screaming and crying. Her face and legs were dripping with blood and she was pretty much screaming that her arm had fractured. Close by, 2 guys (probably college goers) with nasty cuts and bruises all over were standing with apologetic expressions. People tried helping her but she wouldn’t stop crying.

Crowd. Blood. Screaming.

Normally, a scene like this would turn a lot of people off, because trust me, it was pretty disturbing. What surprised me was the fact that I was totally apathetic to the entire situation. I didn’t cringe or feel sorry. I just stood there looking at it. Just stood there watching it like it didn’t concern me at all. It didn’t, of course but why was I so numb?

Is our generation truly apathetic to everything that goes on around us? Has the media, films and books shown us too much that nothing shocks us anymore? Are we developing a distorted and clinical view of everything? I’ve seen a fair share of gross out movies and read a few disturbing books and I think all of it has really made me numb. I may not be able to react to reality too well.

This isn’t good. Not good at all.


13 Responses to “What happened to ‘Shock and Awe’?”

  1. @presti-dude..i don’t know abt u..i was gonna put up a post on something i saw a week bak..but didn’t cos i know that writing it wudn’t be that pleasant at all..there was this dead guy on the road run over by a bus..his neck was broken and his head bent so awkwardly to be under the body..man!!totally turned me off for the rest of the day..blood still makes me cringe and i don’t really fancy movies like ‘saw’ n’ kill bill..doesn’t mean ur emotionally shallow or anything..maybe U ‘really’ are tough!!c’mon who am i kiddin!

  2. @Punns

    Let me just get his straight. What exactly do u want to feel? sorry? pity? anger?
    All those emotions don’t really help in this kind of situation.
    What u could do is stop looking and walk by?

    By the way ..was it an accident ? Details,homie. u never mentioned why the lady was in agony.

  3. @ PS: Comon dude! That’s not anything wrong with you! You obviously felt sorry @ the situation. However, you have matured enough that you have accepted that just “feeling sorry” doesn’t help! Can you do anything more @ that point, to help the lady [I really don’t think so unless you were a medical student]. So, you just accepted the harsh reality of helplessness, by lack of any emotions, coz that’s just gonna make you feel worse :-P!

    Ok, I am no psychoanalytic :P!

  4. @triquetra OK…I’ve seen stuff like that too…and it’s always been the same effect, i remain unaffected. Besides, me not a big fan of squeamish gory flicks either. But I did like the Kill Bill movies…:-)

    @Swen Bike hits lady trying to cross the road. Guys try braking but they fall and skid…they were bruised pretty badly.

    @Guru and Swen OK…I wasnt expecting to be sorry or anything. I thought I’d get affected a bit…you know…react to it. But, I was totally nonchalant and went on like I didnt see anything.

    On the other hand, the friend I was with actually went and helped her on to an auto. There was huge crowd…guess thats why i didnt join in. But I wonder what I would’ve done if there was no crowd. 😐

    Harsh reality of helplessness sucks!

    Dude, I know you’re no psychoanalytic…you’re just psycho! 😛

  5. 5 soorajrox

    hmmm…once i was in an auto-rick ,on my way…I saw a scene where a guy riding a bike ,then his bike skid due to the sand on the road. He fell down ,but his bikekept skidding and bang’d a person who was walking (the person didnt see the bike cos it came from behind).Nobody was hurt. I was didn’t feel anything , then I started laughing to myself(cos I was thinking about guy who was walking….probably was whistling n enjoying his walk)
    Now …..is that bad????

  6. @sooraj I can always count on you! 🙂 I didn’t laugh dude…I didn’t! Now, that’s just plain insensitive! 🙂

    Extreme but insensitive! 😛

  7. @Sooraj

    Relax Sooraj. Welcome to my world.

  8. 8 soorajrox

    i’m not alone 😀

  9. However serious an issue u write on, wen it comes to ur coments its almost always definite to take a “funny” turn! 😀

    Now me being a self-proclaimed psychoANALYTIC… hehehe… I wud say, ur lack of any emotions at that situation kud b jus coz of ur shock in seeing smthin in reality, wen all ur used to is fiction, may it b in movies or books or any other media. Shock (as u might hav seen in movies) can make one’s mind go blank…. n not respond naturally…. N chill… I dont think u’ve come to the stage of being “apathetic to everything that goes on around ” …. cause if u had, u wudnt hav wrote this blog… such a thing wudnt hav mattered enuf to waste a post on… u jus recovered from the shok a lil late n realized dat u had to respond naturally n the best u kud do to respond now was….. write a post abt it!!! 😀 But make sure , nxt time u dont take so long to recover from the shok… go do smthing 🙂

  10. @all4love My God! You really get a kick outta analyzing people don’t ya?

    Anyhoo, I’ve been thinking and I think I would have done something if there was no crowd! 🙂

  11. @ presti : well yeah… dat was my nxt analysis … hehehe…

  12. 12 Ravenent

    Dude, you’re simply apathetic!

    Apathy (With Apologies to the Beatle’s song “Yesterday“)

    Is the only thing that matters to me
    It never disappoints or charges a fee
    Oh I believe in apathy

    I’m much calmer than I used to be
    When nothing matters I feel so carefree
    Oh apathy came so easily

    Why I feel this way I don’t know
    But I have always
    Everything is pointless
    In this mess we live in today

    I must admit
    I take pride in not giving a shit
    At least I’m honest, not a hypocrite
    Oh I believe the world’s an armpit

    Is the only thing that matters to me
    It never disappoints or charges a fee
    Oh I believe in apathy
    Mm mm mm mm mm mm mm

  13. @Ravenent Woah! I can’t get that outta my head now!

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