Scrubs: Season 6 Episode 6: My Musical


 Scrubs is undoubtedly one of the most amazingly original, funny and heartwarming shows on TV! Second only to the criminally overlooked and underrated Arrested Development.  Every season betters the previous one by leaps and bounds, the characters are always fresh and funny and seldom become redundant.

Perhaps what makes this show stand out from the rest is the fact that every single character is immensely likeable and a lot more *real* (in TV terms ofcourse) than a group of friends who hang out at a coffee shop all their lives.

The show hooked me back in college and over the seasons I’ve seen this show handle some really cliched subjects like death, disease, friendship, sex, family etc… with humor, originality and humanity. I admit I’m getting carried away here.

At the start of Season 6, I was quite apprehensive because the first episode honestly wasn’t that good but succesive episodes have assuaged those fears and Episode 6 of Season 6 is perhaps the best episode in a long time.

It’s a musical and apart from being funny, it’s solidly heart warming. The video is a pretty neat example of things to come. The episode is available on . For how long, I don’t know…


7 Responses to “Scrubs: Season 6 Episode 6: My Musical”

  1. should take a look at this!! the other day, i was watching season 1 – At peekvid! 🙂 Thanks for the review by the way..

  2. 2 soorajrox

    lol………too good man……dude if u get the 3gp video of that …..send it to me

  3. 3 bApHoMEt

    dude, is there anyway of getting the episodes of the series “Dirt” here?

  4. @ruhi IMO season 5 was the best!

    @sooraj i can imagine you singing….:-)

    @bApHoMEt Try peekvid …it may be there…but it’s in an flv format so you’ll have to figure out a way for downloading it!

  5. 5 Mike

    I’ve gotta say…I’ve never felt the need to type my opinion on pretty much anything before…but blimey Charlie season 6 Ep 6 is just one of the single finest pieces of televisaul half-hours I’ve ever seen. Absolutely brilliant, the music is as good as the storyline is as good as the acting – total quality throughout. Get in there!! Now that i’ve got that off my chest i’m gonna watch it again, go to bed and never bother putting another opinion on a website again.

  6. 6 A. Parkie

    It was one of the worst scrubs episodes I have ever seen. Just because it is better than a musical, it doesn’t make it good for a scrubs episode.

  7. 7 Gabi

    AHH stupid Australia. i have no idea when Scrubs is coming back on. Season 5 was played at 11.30 on a MONDAY NIGHT! How shit is that?

    Season6 should be good though, even though i only saw parts of season 5…..

    get your act tgether channel 7!

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