interesting indeed


Came across these two articles. Very interesting. 🙂

The Science is clear: Marriage should be eradicated

The Big Questions (How did life begin? What’s the universe made of? Why do we sleep? 42 of the biggest questions in science.)


4 Responses to “interesting indeed”

  1. hmm.. well, though the institution of marriage is not the same as it was, with partners choosing to put each other on test every other day, but still , it is a social institution that provides you with a support stucture nonetheless. Though we might talk to abolish the same for a variety of reasons, there are not any sustainable alternatives also!

  2. @arijit c’mon man….now that we’re roomies…you’ll get to know a lot more of my opines! and it aint gonna be pretty.:-)

    I say marriage is overrated…I always have. People are gonna be all mushy and happy for a while and soon they’ll be complaining about how the spouse never gives space!

    But, I do agree on the whole support structure thing…mostly because we were never meant to be alone. But marriage is a corny way to solve that! 😛

  3. Its over-rated and overly-fantasized, yes. Its not all that hunky-dory as it seems at the outset.Basic prob is no two individuals can think alike. But they have to make an effort come to an agreement. Ego and unwillingness to even try to understand the partners point of view will always lead to ugly situationa

    Not that i like the way system the way it is. but we need to find solutions within that. Cant chuck it out altogether.
    As i said, give me some alternatives.

  4. Alternatives…hmmm…how about one of those greagarious societies where nobody is really exclusive to anybody? 😛

    *ducks before people start throwing things*

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