Of bowling, short films and Chuck Norris



Recent revelations:

  • I’m not as patriotic as I’d like to be. Republic Day came and went without me even pausing to think what it was about. I did manage to stick that India Poised tattoo which came free with Times of India on my arm though. Patriotism on my sleeve!
  • Went bowling and I’m good. Finally, a sport that I may actually not suck at. Then again, there is something known as beginner’s luck right?
  • I’m amazed at how hard it is to make a short film. Had a great time trying to come up with ideas with a friend and I think we may actually pull this off! If a 10 minute short is so hard, the thought of work that goes behind shooting a full length feature scares me.
  • I’ve discovered a security flaw at Forum (mall in Bangalore). Everybody is expected to go through those security scanners but if you go at 9.30 am when the windows are being cleaned, you can walk in with firearms, detonators or even Chuck Norris without being detected. Oh yeah, the mall doesn’t really open till around 11 am though…
  • I have had food equalling my body weight over the weekend. Also, the weighing machine at Garuda (another mall) is of the opinion that my body weight is optimum for my height.
  • I’m so bloody bored at work today!

Listening to Crawling in the Dark by Hoobastank


7 Responses to “Of bowling, short films and Chuck Norris”

  1. Hey Hey leave Chuck Norris out of this. He is da man

  2. @daedalus somehow I knew you’d say that. Remember that scene from Dodgeball where Chuck Norris gave the thumbs up? Priceless!

  3. yeah.. i just saw it again recently.

  4. 4 bApHoMEt

    u guys serious about Chuck Norris?

  5. @Baphomet

    We are just referring to his appearance in Dodgeball. Otherwise we are definitely not serious.

  6. Hey, does d song really say wat it says or is der sum othr maenin 2 it? All d crawlin in d dark stuff?? Been listnin 2 it 4 ages but still unsure. Or am I jus readin 2 much in2 it?

  7. @ Daedalus and baphomet Walker Texas Ranger was a good show! 😛

    @Indisch As always…you’re reading too much into it 🙂

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