Rubik’s Cube and the Art of Joblessness


I’ve been fiddling around with a Rubik’s Cube for sometime now. Just because Will Smith solved one in few minutes in The Pursuit of Happyness doesn’t mean it’s an easy affair. It took me quite some time to figure that out.

I’ve always assumed that a slightly above average level of intelligence was the only pre requisite. Unfortunately, that’s not true OR I’ve grossly over estimated my level of intelligence! Last afternoon, I succesfully managed to get 4 faces right…then proceeded to dismantle all of them in order to get the other two right. Currently, I’m back where I started.

Normally, I’m not the kind of person who would look up ‘How to’ books/articles (mostly because I couldn’t care less) but I had to make an exception in this case. I’m amazed at the amount of articles out there. If you are the least bit interested in solving the Rubik’s Cube, you may want to look up the following links.

In all probability, the results will be pointless and time consuming like everything else I do…


11 Responses to “Rubik’s Cube and the Art of Joblessness”

  1. You should also note that this is one of _the_ most geekiest/nerdiest IOW gerdiest [I call this btw] things you can do =D! Dude, been through the craze myself, and it’s not easy one bit, however, all it requires is practice and a study and memorization of the process of solving it! I know some of my gerdy pals who have a record of 2 mins solving the jumbled cube :O! I know! =P!!

    Anyhoo, all ze best =)!

  2. Collection of YouTube Videos:

    Not just solution, but fastest solution:

    …. and hey. I didn’t give you the movie for getting inspiration for Rubik’s Cube. It was meant for some other inspiration 😀

    Did you meet the other rascals?

  3. @Guru I’m no ‘gerd’. I’m a cool guy. I’m a really cool guy.:-|

    Anyhoo, I figured there must be some rule to solving this thing. You can’t just randomly turn it and complete it. The fact that there is a pattern to it irks me. And I’m no good at memorizing or practicing. The chances of me losing interest mid way are pretty high! 🙂

    I read there is some kind of contest called ‘Speedcubing’ and it seems some guy solved it in 9 seconds! 9 seconds!!!!

  4. 4 soorajrox

    any way really cool guy….i finished this once when i was a kid…
    simple….i took out the stickers(the colors were stickers then for which i had), and stuck them back with all the colors together.
    there no sweat 😀
    but that took more than 9 seconds

  5. In speedcubing there are also contests and records held in solving with ONE hand =)! Yeah, you read that right – ONE HAND!! =)!!

    I wonder if these guys next think up of a way to solve it no hands =D!! But you should check out some of the videos @ youtube for speedcubing =)! Some are amazing!!

  6. @Sooraj , i love ur solution. Neat, efficient and no strain on that brain.

    @Punnen did u get that rubiks cude with Krissh all over it? 😀

  7. I use petrus method .. much better that ‘solving by layers’

  8. @Bips Will get inspired…:-) Haven’t met anyone yet…will do this weekend.

    @sooraj I remember you saying that to me…:-) Unfortunately….mine doesnt have stickers.

    @Guru holy Moly! The bideos are pretty amazing…I feel stupid now…

    @Swenny Homie…I finally got one that is NOT Krrish….:-)

    @Johnny What now? 😐

  9. I got a Rubik’s cube on my last to last b’day back home. I njoyd fiddlin wth it but nevr cud succeed. I’m happy that at least u did it. Too tuf man. Btw, did u knw dat d record 4 completin it in d fastst tym is held by sumbody eho did it last yr in jus 11 (or 13) seconds!

  10. @indisch 9 seconds I think…

  11. 11 Pink Imp

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