I sit staring blankly at my computer screen. Starting to blur. My eyes hurt. Refresh my Inbox 10 times in two minutes. No mail.

I open my bag and fish out a copy of PC World. ‘Don’t Get Left Behind: Make the switch to Linux’. Think about penguins. Think about the movie Madagascar. Smile. Close magazine.

Turn back to my computer. 2 new mails. Stupid forwards.

Take printout on desk. SAP Implemetation. ‘The implementation of SAP software, such as SAP R/3 is almost always a massive operation that…’ Mutter curse.

Open bag and take out the copy of The Fountainhead. 704 pages. Keep it back.

Check time. 2:31 pm. Crap.

Take out notebook and glance at ‘Things to do list’.

  1. Call up GRE consultants again.
  2. Return DVDs at National Market.
  3. Buy new socks.
  4. Mail Payroll.
  5. Fill up Medical reimbursement form.
  6. Submit House Rental slip.
  7. Go to ——-‘s house to transfer stuff on to laptop.
  8. Call up ——–.
  9. Call up ——–.
  10. Call up ——–.
  11. Call up ——–.
  12. Book tickets to Delhi.
  13. Cancel leave requests for February.

Scribble ‘shit’ on the notebook. Close book. Close eyes. Take deep breath. Open eyes. Put on headphones.

Open browser and type in www.wordpress.com.



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  1. wat are u waiting for … ‘make the switch to linux’

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