When Wrong is a Right


I recently happened to watch Thank You for Smoking, a brilliant satire on the American tobacco industry, lobbyists and political correctness. It’s amazing how thin the line between right and wrong and good and bad is; how an effective argument is all it takes to blind one to logic.

See, Joey, that’s the beauty of argument. When you argue correctly, you’re never wrong.

This movie is NOT an anti-smoking campaign like I had previously thought, it tries to convey, albeit humorously the merits of’ ‘choice’; why we needn’t swallow everything we’re given or accept every societal demand.


Soon after, I began thinking why something like that wouldn’t be possible in India…mostly because (forgive me), the majority of people aren’t smart/bothered enough to counter years of conditioning and also it takes a certain amount of moral flexibility to argue for a wrong cause. I had to soon change my mind though…

Bihar: People demand right to cheat in exam

But then again, argument takes a whole new meaning in India!


7 Responses to “When Wrong is a Right”

  1. On the whole how is the movie. I wanted to c it.

  2. It’s very good…I actually think you’ll love it. Knowing that you love arguments like these…

  3. 3 Bipin

    Talking about the right to cheat, it’s not just Bihar.
    Such incidents happened even in my own college… and it’s in Orissa.

  4. I loved the movie man. However, whilst you have grasped something way bigger than the bigger picture, what I really admired about the movie was the professional attitude shown by the Death Squad [don’t remember the actual name].. Anyhoo, online from a cafe… will type more about this once I get to office on Monday!!

    As of now toodle dooo… It’s gonna rain heavily and I don’t wanna get caught here =D!!

    But I LOVED this movie =)!

  5. @Bipin Man! In your college?? How the hell do they justify it? We could learn a thing or two from them…:P
    @Guru It was the Mod Squad…Merchants of Death 🙂

    Professional attitude…to succeed in something like that one needs to have certain level of detachment and moral flexibility. I loved the flick too man…and i almost started smoking! 😛

  6. 6 Joe Kulangara

    I got to see it bro. Do you by any chance have it? Anyhoo,

    “I loved the flick too man…and i almost started smoking!” -> hee hee dude, this film seems to be a dream come true for smokers. and yeah i could use a dose of inspiration. i seem to be having trouble arguing against the flow these days.

    @guru: glad to know you still alive. long time mate.
    @Bipin: Hello, I am Joe. And whoa! as the prestidigitator said, please post the justification. waiting to hear it. i smell a revolution brewing.

  7. @Joe I have it…will pass it on soon…I’m sending it to Swen soon anyway.

    Honestly I’ve never been able to argue for something if i didn’t think it was true myself….but there are a couple of times i ‘fabricated facts’ and came out on top smiling!

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