The Condensed Film Review Digest


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The Fountain: Darren Aronofsky

I’ve watched this three times now and I’ve finally decided what I feel about this film. Disappointment. Blame my sky high expectations. Death, love and immortality…this could have been a brilliant film IF Aronofsky knew what he wanted to say. Sadly, after all the seemingly profound discourses and stunning imagery, there was hardly anything conclusive about the entire film. It’s almost as if the director lost track of where he was going with it. But, this isn’t as bad a film as the critics make it out to be; it has it’s moments and it succeeds in staying with the viewer for a while, like all good films do.

Something is amiss. 7/10


The Prestige: Christopher Nolan

As complicated as a movie can get. Brilliant to a point of distraction…I love films that require my entire attention but still manage to catch me off guard. This is coming from a guy who has already read the book by Christopher Priest. Beautifully shot and the era is stunningly captured with real life characters thrown in (David Bowie as Tesla, the scientist). A tale of obsession which keeps you throughly on the edge for over 2 hours.



Pan’s Labryinth/El Laberinto del Fauno: Guillermo del Toro

Brilliant. Stupendous. Fantastic. Disturbing. Adjectives will not do enough justice to a film such as this. The first time I’ve actually been moved by a fantasy tale. A gorgeous and violent tale of one girl’s escape into fantasy from the grim realities of WWII fascist Spain. One of my favorites on the first viewing itself…




11 Responses to “The Condensed Film Review Digest”

  1. 1 Joe Kulangara

    this whole digest thing is a good idea mate. writing a whole dang review is nerve wrecking. you end up saying things you dont want and leaving out things that you do want.

    this is good review- good, to the point and sharp.

  2. Yea true…a lot easier than writing so damn much.


  3. 3 Prashant

    prestidigitator, Can you please let me know where I can borrow/buy these movies? my local dvd rental store sucks big time.
    – Prashant

  4. @Prashant Depends on where you stay in Bangalore. Also helps if you have friends in Mumbai who are willing to send them to you…

  5. 5 Prashant

    thanks..Mumbai option is not feasible for me.Any place in Bangalore? I stay in BTM. I browsed the dvd collections with fridayboxoffice, SeventyMM, CatchFlix, got to say they just have the usual stuff. I heard Cinema Paradiso in Jayanagar 4th block has good collection of documentaries but am yet to check it out. Please suggest if you know of any good source for Documentaries(eg. pirates of silicon valley, Riding Solo to the Top of the World etc.) or good/decent movies(Match point,Requiem For A Dream etc.).

  6. Well Prashant…I stay at BTM too. Now the DVD store I go to is a local one and they’ve got an amazing collection of films. Hitchcock, Kubrick, Fellini et al but they don’t have documentaries. It’s at Taverkere…next to Kalavara Restaurant…

    For documentaries you have to go to National Market near Majestic. A splendid collection of Documentaries…

    But remember…PIRACY IS A CRIME! 🙂

  7. 7 Prashant

    Thanks for that info.

  8. 8 Joe Kulangara

    @prestidigitator: “PIRACY IS A CRIME!”…man u crack me up.

    hey dude…how about making a film on movie pracy. we can make it the next Cinema Paradiso.

  9. @Joe Ah…another Cinema Paradiso…it is possible…but it will have to wait, what with all the films I have in the pipeline! 🙂

  10. 10 Joe Kulangara

    @presti: did u get that invite i sent you at

  11. @Joe Yep…got it…

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