All Work And Not Enough P(l)ay


Work is driving me nuts.

One thing about working in a huge firm is that you tend to feel insignificant most/all of the time. There seems to be no meaning in anything you do…no greater good. You walk around like a zombie all day and do whatever you’re told without thinking twice about it.

I’m not even a year into corporate life and I’ve already started cribbing. What if this is what I’ll do for the rest of my life? They don’t pay me enough either…considering I’m nothing short of a corporate whore.

Anyway, I’ll be travelling to Delhi tomorrow and that’s the only thing that keeps me going right now. I seriously need this break!

On another, more optimistic note, Zack Snyder (of 300 fame) is attached to adapt Watchmen for the screen. I would have been skeptical had it not been for the amazing previews for 300 I’ve seen. There is even a frame in one of the extended trailers where Rorschach appears; sort of an easter egg to whet fanboy apetites.

For your viewing pleasure:  


The Postal Service is a brilliant Electronic Indie Pop band, well worth a listen. Their song, Such Great Heights was covered by Iron and Wine for the Garden State OST. Right now, it’s the soundtrack to my life…


The Postal Service (link:

Way too many links…all hail Wikipedia!


13 Responses to “All Work And Not Enough P(l)ay”

  1. 1 soorajrox

    Enjoy . Have fun at Delhi.

  2. Aww common!!! Not another blog on work!!! Now i hav a doubt if blogging is just for ranting!! 😉 Common… cheer up!! U as one individual can change the whole environment in ur work place… dare to be different n dont flow wid the croud!! Njoy life even wen it challenges!! 😀 Ahhh… I love cheering ppl up 😀 I hope it worked!! 🙂

  3. First off…I’m NOT depressed or anything. I AM happy…:-)

    Secondly, I’ll talk to you in a year and I want to hear from you about how much you enjoy work? Wokay?

  4. @all4love…
    i hate ppl as cheerful as u.. nothing personal .. thats just the way i work..

  5. @daedalus Touche to that! 🙂

  6. @ all: *ROTFLMAO*

    @ A: *hugs* don’t get bugged by these jackasses. Even I am bugged by W.O.R.K. but seriously, take that spirit to work! =)) It would be awesome to hear from you in a year =)!

  7. @Guru
    Thats even worse. Having too cheerful ppl around at work.

  8. 😀 Well Im gonna say the same thing abt work even after a yr!! Ohh by the way, I’ll b takin a break frm work after a yr.. plannin on MBA u c… so always got smthin to look forward to!! Dats the key to keep ur life spicy I guess! variety Rulz 😀

    HAHAHA n abt hating me??? Common… try it out… try doin smthin different at work! Like may b try some college time pranks on ur colleges 😉 how abt dat 😀 n u wud start lovin me for cheerin u up 😀

  9. @Guru What the hell man?

    @ Annie You see…you seem to have the wrong idea about work in an MNC. You can’t really pull a prank on your colleague…it doesnt work that way man.

    I agree variety is the spice of life so it’s kinda importanat that one finds what he/she likes to do outside the office. That’s how i stay sane…

  10. @ presti : Since u aint gonna take anything I say anyways till i start workin, y do i even bother! Well atleast u get fun outside of office… n u earn enuf to get to do hav dat fun! So dont complain 😉

    N well if u hated it enuf, u wudnt b workin there today… u jus ranting for the heck of it!!!

    😀 Yea I know u hate me too 😦

  11. Hey comon A! Nobody hates ya =P! It’s just that this peppy charm was all ours as well.. ;-)! Experience kinda makes you sullen and morose… =)! But, I sincerely hope it’s not the same way for ya!! =D!

  12. @Annie Guru is right…nobody hates you. 🙂

    You said I wouldn’t be working if I didn’t like it. Well…sad truth is life ain’t really like that…sometimes we gotta stick with it even if we can’t stand it. Sorta like marriage! 🙂

  13. @All4love

    Just a pointer .. there is no such thing as “earning enuf”. it always falls short .

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