Of Mice, Men and Malayalees


Disclaimer: You may NOT want to waste your time reading this crap.


I remember reading in the Hitchhikers Guide by Douglas Adams that mice were the most brilliant species on the planet and over the last few weeks, my flat mates and myself have been victims to that satirical yet cruel truth.

I fall asleep in the living room (if it can be called that) next to my laptop a.k.a Natalie thanks to the numerous amounts of time I spend online. Imagine by surprise/shock when a furry little creature brushes past my leg in the wee hours of the night. After loud curses, I wake up Rajeev who I discovered wasn’t really asleep. So, being the Malayalees that we are, decide to catch the little rascal. Being the Malayalees that we are, we fail. For a whole damn week. Soon, Arijit manages to ‘drown’ one in the commode. Don’t ask, won’t tell. That’s when we realized it wasn’t just one.

Night after night, we (mostly just me) were plagued by nightmares to the extent that I even started screaming like a girl when Manish and Rajeev threw papers at me which due to the lack of electricity were misunderstood to be flying mice.

Finally, after placing rat poison at various strategic locations, our little friend falls dead at the feet of the merciless Arijit. Literally. Here’s hoping that the little jerks didn’t find time to raise a family!

On another, equally unimportant note, I finally decided to buy the Sony Cyber Shot DSC-W35 which I’d been eyeing for quite a while now…


29 Responses to “Of Mice, Men and Malayalees”

  1. i’m no advocate for the mice species, but i feel that ur statements reflect a very negative attitude to mice in general…let me enlighten u…
    there are diff kinds of mice..
    1.the cute furry annimated mice-this species talks, rides skateboards,plays football, drives mini cars…eg.stuartlittle
    2.the lab mice-some get brainy during their stay in the lab..some dont..eg-pinky n the brain…
    3.the ultra cute disney mice that are teh subject of most our childhood dreams…yep..mickey mouse..
    4.and finaly there is the normal yucky kinda mice that used to live in my old hostel dorm…

    btw…did u think for one min that i was pleading for the mice??nope…i hate them furry lil thingies…
    as for the mice in dorm, we used to drown them in the bucket that the warden used to use to wash her clothes….hehe…are u thinkin wat i’m thinkin??

  2. How the hell did you manage to come up with all that?

    “as for the mice in dorm, we used to drown them in the bucket that the warden used to use to wash her clothes….hehe…are u thinkin wat i’m thinkin??”

    I sure hope not…

  3. @presti: I thought you wouldve called the Pest Control by now or something. Who knows, they might be breeding in there with the idea of realizing they’re evil scheme of taking over the world with mice poo or something. Anyways as long as they aint disturbing you anymore i guess its cool

    @cendrelin: There are mice in my company (yea i saw one cross the aisle once). What do you recommend is the best solution to get rid of it. It should somehow involve my boss as well. Any thought?

  4. 4 Bipin

    Well, my office (cabin) has it’s share of LARGE (I really mean LARGE) mice.

  5. @Bipin: So did your company hire the Pest Control and get rid of it? Or did you device a plan? Either way i just wan to know if the problem got solved. Do you still work along side mice mate?

  6. @ PS: I am coming to that dump! Btw, how come there are mice now. There were none when I was there @ that house. PS out with the truth!!

    Damn and I am moving into that dump! Am not really a fan of mice either =D! And whaddya mean not waste our time reading this!

    Btw, notice another interesting thing – See how mice can make you “as timid as a mouse” =D!

    Ok, I need to get a life. I am commenting on a ranting of mice by you!! =S!

  7. On a totally different note, saw Garden State late last night and well – I must say – I kinda liked the movie but more importantly – the OST – WOW!! Wow!!

    *breaking into a song*
    If I lived till I was… hundred and two… I just don’t think I’ll ever get ov vvv v ver you…

  8. @Wildgrey We ARE pest control!!! πŸ™‚

    @Bipin You’re kidding me right? At STC? Or are talking about computer mice? 😐

    @guru Dude…i have no idea where they came from…but they’re tiny little buggers who can crawl through the smallest of crevices! Ugh!

    The OST is brilliant…that song by Colin Hay…I’m so in love with it…”I drink a coffee…eeevvery morning…” You don’t wanna get me started on GS! πŸ™‚

    BTW…I think the mice have gone…I hope.

  9. @ PS: I really didn’t see much into the movie. I might be reading the wrong story here [as usual] but all I could see was another “It’s ok to be eccentric, abnormal, weird, cool, crazy” coz love is still there for you! So another hope “feel-good” flick. The only thing was that Nat Port [Sam] was an abs adorable character!!

    Am I missing something [looks like it for sure ;-)]

  10. I hope the mice have gone as well =D!

  11. @WG & PS:
    No kidding. And I guess not many people are aware of it. It/They surfaces/surface only during the night… and I am the only person (apart from the security guys, of course) in the three storied building [In fact, in all the four buildings combined] during the night.
    Quite interestingly, it/they has/have also dugg a hole under the floor carpet thingy in one of the two cabins that I work in.

    By the way, I forgot to mention that I bought GS a few months ago because of two reasons:
    2. The story line given at the back of the cover.
    Loved the scene where they stand on the top of that crap and “shout-it-out-loud” πŸ™‚

  12. By the way PS, your blog is kinda turning into slashdot/digg thing.
    Don’t get happy so soon dude. It’s not because of the content or the no. of hits you get, It’s because most of the times your post and our comments have no/little logical link between them πŸ˜‰
    Take this post for an instance. It was supposed to be a general rant about mice, with an underlined-italicized-CamelCaps Disclaimer at the top… and it ended with (or is rather continuing with) Garden State πŸ™‚

    Congrats dude πŸ˜‰

  13. The funny thing about PS is that someone always manages to find a connection between anything he says and Garden State πŸ™‚ I saw a small portion of it yesterday and hmmm it didnt impress me much. Now i have to see the whole movie some other time to find out why it had impressed me sometime ago πŸ˜‰

  14. @Guru Well, you have most parts of it covered but what struck me the first time was the unconventionality of the entire film. Sure, at the end, it’s a feel good film but there are times in the film where I was amazed at how much every single frame accentuated the mind of the protagonist. One of my fav scenes is when the camera moves very very very slowly towards Braff and Portman in the bedroom scene and she suddenly mentions making out and the camera moves back. Brilliant.

    Another thing I loved about the film is the wide screen lens used and the overall minimalistic approach to direction. Of course the music was PERFECTO…I could go on and on man…

    The mice have gone…I think.

    @Bipin I know man…somehow Guru is the one who initiates out of context discussions …always! πŸ™‚

  15. The mice have gone…I think.

    Genesis 1
    And God said, “Let there be ZACH“; and there was ZACH.
    And God saw that the ZACH was good; and God separated the PUNNEN from the MICE.

    Pathetic??? I know πŸ˜€

  16. Hey hey hey!! I am supposed to entertain and I do a good job @ it. In case of PS, the topic in itself sucks and I have to draw tangents all the time =D!

    *ducking for cover*

    @ Bipin: It wasn’t all that bad. And why are you guys big fans of Zack Braff?

  17. @Guru Come home soon dude! come home! >:-(

  18. Not really a fan. It’s just that I loved the guys role (character) in Scrubs (Thanks to Swen for that).

    thinking to self: Now the heck a fan means you moron???

    Moreover the verse was about to PS (and the mice), hence Zach.

  19. hmmm..wats wid u n garden state?? btw..i guess natalie portman hates mice…(any sensible female would!)
    bout nyone who wants revenge at their boses, or any other authoriatrian figure who is a.annoying, b.irritationg, c.or ur just plain crazy, then find out a object that they’d use frequently, and voila! u have u weapon for killin the mice…n if ur target is a girl, placing a fake mice anywhere in a i mile radius around her will do the job..(ladies, dont kill me, i just did u favour..wink!)…

    n btw…i’m not crazy…i repeat i’m not crazy…

  20. BTW………mice r not teh most brilliant of species on earth…its cockroaches…either way their both icky..

  21. When a mouse enters a guys dormitory (read more than 20 guys in a room) the effects are very strange. First off 2/3rds of the guys are on top of the bunk bed (though i haven’t heard of any mice that good at high jump). The rest squeal like girls (no offense to any females). Then some guys remember that they are guys and have to do the manly thing of fighting the beat. And then begins phase 2 where the mouse avoids a direct hits from a broom, also having to dodge its way through heavy artillery (shoes, mugs …). The rest of the guys are in charge of directing the hunters and blocking the escape routes. Eventually the mouse finds its way into a sneaker. No where to go , no where to hide. Thats the end of a mouse .. and a perfectly good sneaker.

    Phase 3 is the usual part of where nobody wants to deal with the mess and one poor guy realizes that was his sneaker.

  22. @daedalus Memories from school eh? πŸ™‚

  23. yup !!!
    frankly i think the mouse died the moment it entered the shoe. before the impact.

  24. @Daedalus: Your shoe! no doubt! πŸ˜‰

  25. @Wildgrey
    Not my shoes. the poor thing would not even have made it inside if it was mine. a most gruesome death . *shudder*


  27. This is the post that comes up when I searched for “Malayalee Moron” (after reading your “Thank you, Come again! post) πŸ™‚

  28. @ruhi Figured as much! 😦

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