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Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver has suddenly become one of my favourite films. It’s a very strange morality tale where you invariably start siding the protagonist’s absolutist view point and soon realise that he’s nothing short of a lunatic. It has made me ask myself a few questions I’ve avoided. Where do I stand on controversial topics? Am I as apathetic as I put on? Following is an attempt.


Medically, it is defined as miscarriage or induced termination before twenty weeks’ gestation, which is considered nonviable.


This is something I’ve thought of since I was a kid. Isn’t it wrong to kill a living being before it is born? Does it have a conscience? Does it feel pain? Over the years, I’ve finally decided I’m Pro Choice here. Implies, I’m OK with abortion as long as it’s done early and before pain receptacles appear (2nd trimester). Think about it, abortion is mostly done as a result of societal pressures like financial instability, percieved immaturity, or sometimes due to ill effects to the mother. Think of the things the child will have to go through if he/she is born.

However, I’m against sex selective abortion. In fact, I’m against determining the sex of the child before it is born especially in a country like India where the social stigma of the girl child still prevails.

The bottom line is the fact that it is umpteen times more heartless to let a child live in a cruel world.

Fact is I’m still not sure about what I think and there is a probability that I may end up changing my stance.

Capital Punishment:
I’ve always been FOR capital punishment but it is not an entirely unknown fact that free will very well may be an illusion. If we have no control over our actions, can we be held responsible for them? [I Think Therefore I Am, I Think]

However, I do think stability is all important. Once the fact that free will is an illusion is proved, think of the chaos that will erupt. Social stability is an important factor for any species to survive. Capital Punishment may be the only way to preserve that stability…

Choice is a fundamental principle everybody bases their lives on so isn’t it wrong to strip a person of choice? If a person reaches a point where he thinks it’s far too physically painful to live, he/she muct be given the right to choose. That’s voluntary euthanasia. What if the patient is in a coma? Can a relative be give the choice? I’m not sure…

I’m all FOR piracy. In spite of the rampant piracy of films, music and literature, the industry still thrives. The fact may be that it may not be making as much money as it could have. I find it pretentious that they come out with anti piracy campaigns while they drive Porches. However, when it comes to Independent Cinema, Music etc…I believe they could use the support.


Now, most of these things are debatable. What exactly is morality? Do we base morality on humanity or religion? Problem is, the use of theology as a basis for morality will invariably collide with what atheists and humanists describe as their view on morality. In my opinion, the ethical (?) thing to do would be to distance ourselves from factors like religion etc… Or is it?


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  1. 1 Steve

    Free will has been proven to be an illusion (well at least I have a proof for that). I doubt chaos will result from the acceptance that there is no freedom to will. People will still be moved to prevent other people from doing that which they don’t want done. But the truth is the truth, and what would you suggest, that even though free will is only an illusion we ought to cover-up the truth to prevent this chaos you predict?


  2. Haven’t you seen that Tata Safari (for those not residing in India this is one of those so called ‘SUV’s we have here) ad that talks about ‘when did you say it was ok to be monitored’ or something on those lines. Free will is nothing but an illusion to keep ever one happy.

    And having said that i totally second what Steve (#1) had to say.

  3. Look whos back :D.

  4. @Arpit WELCOME!!!!

  5. 5 Bipin

    I’d have loved to speak on these topics.
    Unfortunately, once I start, I’ll probably go on… and lack of time prevents me.

    One topic that has always disturbed me is abortion. My essay on the topic:

    Good topic bro.
    A lot of “stuff” in one post. 🙂

  6. So how are things man job and all. I joined a small company as a .net developer. mm we need to revive Scribez. :(.

  7. 7 cendrelin

    hmmm…maybe u shud read my latest post on

    there’s this whole new movement that i’ve begun…its called murdering pink…

  8. @ Arpit: yo yo yo yo !! Wilkommen!!

  9. @Bipin I’ve read your post and would love to have a conversation on it…:-)

    @Arpit Life’s good…work’s so-so. Hey…we SHOULD revive Scrubs…I mean…Scribez. Come up with a kick ass post soon man…

    I take it you’re in Chennai it self?

    @Cendrelin Quite the activist aren’t we ‘not so little’ one? 🙂

    @Guru C’mon…post a kick ass post on Scribez…You’re the GERD aren’t ya?? 😉

  1. 1 The Ethically Sketchy Post

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