Show Me The Money?


I came across this site, Global Richlist and was ‘pleasantly‘ surprised to find that, inspite of my pathetic and meagre earnigs I’m actually the 850,643,176 th richest person on the planet.

Apparently, I’m in the top 14.17%…in terms of annual income.


Sigh…just hope all this new found wealth doesn’t go to my head! Not!  😐


6 Responses to “Show Me The Money?”

  1. thanks for sharing, i wanna check mine also!

  2. Im richer than you..hahha..oh no wait a sec..your richer than me..dammit!!

  3. you know what? I loved the fact that they are a do-good organization. First make you feel good about how rich you are (not)! Then compare the various prices of stuff the people from the so-called developed nations [mind you we are supposed to be reaching there]… take for granted. Then compare that to the underdeveloped nations!!

    And take this for the stunner – check out the last message – the one where in the top 225 richest people have an accumulated wealth of the 2.5 billion poor people =|! Definitely makes you think about what life really is about!!

    Kudos to the website tho =D!

  4. Well now u wont mind me calling u a filthy rich spoilt bastard?

  5. @Wildgrey I am?? Woo hoo! 😐

    @Guru They also have this index by which they compare the per capita income of a country by comparing the numebr of days one has to work to buy an iPOD. Very depressing stuff….

    @Daedalus You ass! We earn the same!!!

  6. 6 cendrelin

    oh boy….the rich n spoiled r still talkin…..afer goin to tat site, it kinda makes me feel guilty now to ask for a new mobile…n that thingy u said bout the diamond yest is also haunting me…aaaaarghh….u’ve gone n spoiled it all!! tho my dad will be indebted to u for this!

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