Morality? Define Please…


What exactly are these so called ‘Moral Values’ that so many self righteous pretentious hypocrites of our country keep touting? Really?

This is a long due post. It will not  arrive at any conclusions and it will not do anything about the ‘situation at hand’. Like most passive youngsters (!), I cannot do anything about it and if given the opportunity, I would prefer apathy over any sort of activism. But sometimes, the things you see around simply get far too depressing and not to mention plain annoying!

Do I like the media? No. Do their justifications on sensationalizing news make sense? Yes, to an extent. Are right wing protests (read Shiv Sena and the likes) against the media justified? Are you bloody kidding me?

1. Shilpa Shetty/Richard Gere: An over enthusiastic ‘peck’ suddenly becomes prime time news material and in no time the ”moral brigade” of our country go on a rampage. The absurdity of the situation lies not only in the fact that the media hyped a somewhat not so innocent kiss, but that the protesters actually thought it was ‘offensive’! Now, haven’t they really noticed the sleaze (thinly disguised as entertainment) invading Cinema halls and homes?

2. Banning Sex Education in Maharashtra:  Now, forgive me when I say this…but sex really isn’t that much of a secret as we think. I mean…we have over a billion people in the country, it’s not like NOBODY’S thinking about it! And if you manage to peek it to our rich culture, you’ll agree that sex was very much a part of it. I will not elaborate but it baffles my mind that some of these idiots think that sex shouldn’t be discussed in schools. Won’t kids go looking for other sources? Isn’t that bad? Why is it that this bothers so many people, educated teachers and parents even?

3.  Star News Office Damaged: A Muslim boy(22) elopes with a Hindu girl(16) and become ‘news’ on Star News. Hours later, the Hindu Rashtra Sena ransack the office, smash furniture and vehicles. Where does this end?

Sometimes, I think the root cause for all this is religion itself. Man has fought ever since the concept of God was discussed and debated. Maybe what we really need is a Brave New World kind of scenario where religion is banned, children are created not born and the bounds of ethics and morals are clearly defined.

This is but a tip of the iceberg. Our country is in more of a mess that you and I think and unfortunately, most people are slight variants of myself; commentators.


9 Responses to “Morality? Define Please…”

  1. 1 cometothewell

    You really think men didn’t fight before “the concept of God was discussed and debated”? That seems a bit naive for an otherwise intelligent post. Not sure where you are going–so will there be additional posts on this topic?

    For example, if religion is banned, what will stand as the basis for the clearly defined ethics and morals? Who will define them? How would they be enforced?

    We certainly have the same issues here (the Moral Majority has many of the same purposes you have mentioned above), but ethics and morality can have no value if not accompanied by freedom. And there can’t be freedom without disagreement, without opening the door to terrorism in some ways. I’m not sure there is an answer.

  2. @cometothewell

    No, I agree that men have fought over land and power as well but religion seems to be the easiest exceuse these days. Think about it, most of the wars in recent history (1000 years atleast) have been fought because somebody had a false sense of religious superiority.

    I do agree that there may be no answer to the problem but call it wishful thinking if you may, I do think half of our problems could be eliminated if religion was done away with.

    Religion is not a pre requisite for morality…there are ethical/morally upright atheists ya know?!

  3. 3 cometothewell

    I do know that there are ethical and moral atheists, skeptics, agnostics, and believers. I was asking for an actual answer to that question–and you are not the only person who I’ve asked! It’s an isssue in which I take a great interest. Do you have an idea where those morals, no matter what the status of the person, are developed? I think you would be hard pressed to say that religion has had no impact on the moral values of all good people.

    The paradox I wanted you to see in doing away with religion is that you would be starting another kind of religious war. It’s not as though believers will stop believing just because someone–who? a government?–says “There will be no more religion.” The countries that have tried it have found that religious faith actually increases under pressure. It is human nature to believe in something beyond ourselves.

    Thank you for your thoughtful response!

  4. 4 cometothewell

    By the way, when I say “you” I mean anyone! Have a great day.

  5. 5 cendrelin

    mmmm…somehow i’m begining to think that religion is crap, but there is a GOd and there is spirituality….

    as far as shilpa shetty is concerned—the lady needs to go back to hibernation…she’s just going to go on feeding teh media who over dramatize things…so she gets kissed in front of loads of ppl…big deal…what she needs , is ppl to stop treating like some kinda princess…cos she cant act and she aint pretty…n she looks anorexic..
    and ppl in our country seriously need to get a life…there are much more pressing issues at hand…crimes against women and children…skewered sex rations…poverty…blah blah…shilpa shetty isnt a matter of national concern…she needs to be spanked..and sent to bed…without food…

    and as far as sex edu is concered…india…has lost all point discusin it further…it’l take a billion more years to make fat lil aunties who sit n watch soppy serials all day long that thier kids liv in a world wher they might actually want to hear what the real thing is before they get a distorted version of things…or worse if thy start doin stuff…n if any of teh above mentioned fat aunties are readin this….plz…stop watchin ekta kapoors’ crap…for teh love of god!!…

  6. @cometothewell

    First off…I DO NOT think that it is possible in the remotest sense of the word to ban religion. I was just wishfully thinking about the possibility. As for Brave New World, it was achieved through pre conditioning/ programming a human child…that’s a matter of science fiction/fantasy…

    And I do agree that many moral codes have been enforced by religion but then agin,over the years, our perception of morality has changed drastically.

    The ‘morals’ of a 1000 years ago don’t hold true any more. The entire concept of right and wrong change over the years…religion is modified gradually to cope with the times.

    For example, women were not exactly treatd with respect in the Bible but over the years that has changed. This is because of an external sense of morality (read non religious) slowly changing the moral code of religion.

    I’m not saying religion hasn’t done us good, it definitely has kept a lot of people from doing a lot of unmentionable thinkgs. BUT some take it far too literally and use it to justify their actions no matter how ludicrous they seem.

    @Cendrelin Shilpa Shetty…I can’t blame…she’s just being a normal person. I doubt shge did anything for attention…it’s the protests I’m pissed at. Why make a hue and cry over such trivial issues? Aren’t there more important matters to bother about?

    Sadly, inspite of being perhaps an amazingly intelligent country, we are also the most narrow minded. Sigh…things may never change.

    But we can’t really complain cn we? What are we doing about anything?

  7. 7 Ravenent

    The fact is, even if it were remotely possible (and I agree with TP that it isn’t), abolition of religion is not a panacea for all that ails Mankind.

    I’ve heard people say that what we need is a dictator to take over for a while and set everything right by ruling with an iron fist. Okay… Then what? Do you think (s)he’s just gonna get up one fine day and abdicate without a fight? Isn’t it a whole lot more likely that we’re gonna have a self-styled Deus Regina/Rex (God Queen/King) on our hands?

    Even if it was the Govt. that did it and forced people to live like zombies with regular injections of Prosium, well, we’ve all seen the movie, haven’t we? 🙂

    The basic problem is that perfect equality is simply impossible. So you always have the power-mongers and the sheep. The former become the arbiters of ‘morality’ and ‘acceptable’ social norms (manipulated of course so that they remain in power).

    This is what we’re seeing today, not only with the Shiv Sena but with similar moral policing groups all over our country and indeed, the world. The frightening thing is, these groups are popping up with alarming regularity nowadays and are increasing their power base as well with more and more sheep joining their flock daily. (BTW, what do you get if you take the agenda of most of these groups to the extreme? Neo-Nazis.)

    So riddle me this – what happens the day these groups clash with those already in power and with each other? Think Ultimate Power Struggle. Think Civil War. Think Infinite (ok, maybe not Infinite!) Crisis. Think T2: JD without the ‘bots. Think ka-boom. Solution found. The End.

    P.S. TP, this one’s for you – since you believe in the absence of free will (or do you? I can’t seem to keep track of your current beliefs!), why do you think so many writers/thinkers discuss apocalyptic scenarios for the human race? Is it ‘cos we’re predestined to end it all somewhere down the line with our very own home-made Big Bang?

  8. @Ravenent Um…still no free will dude. 🙂

    Think Civil War. Think Infinite (ok, maybe not Infinite!) Crisis.

    Too many comic books…way too many.

    Anyhoo, after all’s said and done…what exactly CAN we do to better the condition?

  9. 9 Ravenent

    Yeah, I know! And I’m ok with it! 😀

    Hey, how do I do the quote thingy with someone’s comments?

    Re. your query, we can try to act like the voices of reason and restraint…

    That said, dibs on that bomb shelter being built as we speak to safeguard the last remnants of Humanity…

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