The Dark Side Clouds Everything…


Normally, I’m the kind of person who’s not very fond of (or good at) confrontations. I try to avoid it when I can and sometimes even when I shouldn’t. But, over the last 1 week, my net connection at home has been down and the asses at Sify Broadband have taken their own sweet time to fix it.

The lack of connectivity has taken it’s toll on me. I have become angrier and crankier than ever thought possible. I kid you not.

On Friday, I got into an argument with an auto driver and I ended up slapping him (YES!). Luckily, he didn’t do anything back and before he could, backup (read friends) had arrived.

On Staurday, I lost my cool at a Sony Service Center female who had the nerve to say that I had to pay to get dust removed out of my camera LCD which is still very much under warranty.

On Monday, I SMSd a jackass from Deutche Bank who had been calling me repeatedly all day. The SMS read,  

A*****e, stop calling!

And he did stop.

It’s amazing how much the Internet has affected me over the last few years. I have become far too dependant on it and sometimes it scares me…but not enough to stay of it!

Anyway, I have around 27 unread mails and 162 unread feeds. This is killing me.

 Powerful you have become. The dark side I sense in you.  

                                 –Master Yoda, Star Wars


13 Responses to “The Dark Side Clouds Everything…”


    The Dark side welcomes you young padawan. I sense you in a much more profound power than what Jedi can offer you. Come over to the dark side. Dude, I know what you are talking about …

    However, some clarifications – slap?? Seriously, that’s what sissies do.. Guys punch – they don’t slap =P! Moreover, guys like me – we get guys who are much stronger than me by our side and shout – Go shag urself @$$hole! =D!

    But wow, welcome to the dark side. There are a lotta us here ;-)!

  2. Um…see the slap was totally impulsive. He started coming with bullshit arguments and I didn’t know enough Hindi to retort (I’d been screaming the few hindi obscenities I knew till then)…finally I whacked him on the head (with open palms, so that qualifies as a slap). Also, by that time, I’d called up a friend…so I guess I was safe…and lucky.

    This young Padawan appreciates your comment…

  3. 1. Hahahahahaha hohohohohohohoho heheheheheehehe
    2. Pause for breath
    3. go to 1.

    too much thinking in pseudo code .. sorry!!

  4. A slap? Are there any witnesses to corroborate your claims?

    @Guru: Isn’t PS too much of a wuzz (read shy) person to do something like that?

    @Deadelus: Where the hell are you? Aren’t you even reading this thing???

  5. 5 amon

    slap!!! Well that was one hell of a risk you took to do that. I wouldn’t have the guts to do that…..what if the other auto drivers seen that, they would kick the jinxies out of you. From your post I can understand that you have a lot of anger inside of you and most of them are the ones left unconfronted.

  6. Hey, cool it! U r not d only 1 who’s pissed off! Try not 2 do dat again, if not 4 others’ atleast 4 ur sake! Hope ur Pa reads dis post…

  7. Excuse me!! Why do I feel that everyone thinks that PS did something wrong here? I mean, I agree probably he needn’t have gotten physical with the auto driver, but @ that moment, if he were giving his choicest of words, PS just upped the scale.

    Dude, I am totally with you on this one, if that guy even comes close to you, lemme know – I am closer to Sicily than you are ;-)!

  8. @Punns
    Hmm looks like you turned over a new leaf. But somehow slap + punnen doesnt make sense. What happened to the guy who used clench his teeth & fist and then make a quick getaway?

    I am reading this and cant believe it.

  9. @Wildgrey OK…I’m still a ‘shy guy’ but trust me, I was REAL pissed. And I didn’t have anything left to say to the guy…and his choice of obscenities didn’t help. You would’e done the same thing…

    BTW Ajoe chan arrived 5 seconds after it happened…

    @amon Wha? Anyway…there were 3 other auto drivers too. They were kinda on my side. They actually took 20 bucks from the ass**** driver and gave it back to me (which was the reason for the argumenbt in the first place).

    @indisch I AM COOL!

    @Guru Thanks bro…I don’t think the mafia wil yhelp…besides…if things got worse I did have a couple of friends near by…

    @Swen No new leaf…but auto drivers have been pissing me off lately…ask Johnny! 🙂 He thinks I’m a psycho now…

  10. 10 Ravenent

    Dude, this is what comes of living abroad… You grow soft… What with all the polite (provided they’re non South-Asian) cabbies out there…

    What you need is to spend some time in Delhi… Then you’ll know how to kick the sh*t outta any uppity auto-wallah. Added bonus: You get rid of all that pent-up anger too!

    Final thoughts… I kinda agree with the others here. Can’t really picture you getting so worked up as to actually unload a fresh can of whoop-a** on anyone, leave alone an auto-driver… Are you sure you’re not acting out some passive-aggressive juvenile fantasy where you tear open your shirt, tie a towel around your neck, get a giant wedgie and try to fart’n’fly, all the while pretending to b*tch-slap people who’ve wronged your (non-existent) sense of honour? 😉

  11. 11 cendrelin

    wooah……wat happend to my nice guy geek of a brother??

    u slapped sumone??? u really really did that? nnah..maybe u just nudged him na? it wasnt really a slap?? whooboy…y oh y cant i digest this?? but hey good for u!!
    i always get frustrated wid auto drivers who take double the charge frm me cos i look thats gonna make me dumb!!
    oh hey..btw..when u come down here…u mind slapin a few ppl for me? cos sumhow when i do it, they call it catfite…that bugs…

  12. :-O

    :- I


  13. @Ravenent Um…no fantasy mate. Given the circumstances (no net) and the fact that I had already called a couple of friends…it was pretty much the ‘smart thing’ to do.

    @Cendrelin Slap…whack…nudge…whatever. I’m still the nice guy btw…:-)

    @all4love 😐

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