Earth V2.0



Alright, so of the 200 odd ‘planets’ discovered over the years, one could actually be inhabitable. GL 581C (weird name, yes), just outside our solar system apparently has conditions that can support life. It’s pretty amazing.

But here’s the problem; it’s 20.5 light years away which means that if you actually manage to travel at the speed of light, it’s still going to take you 20.5 years to get there. Assuming that we don’t end up travelling but simply decide to just send a signal (“Yello, anybody home?”), it’s still going to take another 41 years (best case scenario) to get a reply. That blows.

I do admit that our generation has borne(?) witness to a number of amazing achievments but what could be cooler than being alive when the human race makes extraterrestrial contact?

Sadly, most of the scientific breakthroughs I’m looking forward are allegedly going to take a long long time. Hyperspace travel, The Grand Unified Theory et al.

Sigh. I suddenly wish I wasn’t born till a couple of years back; or even better…a couple of years later.


5 Responses to “Earth V2.0”

  1. Hmm, I dunno!! I am more of the “live where you are kinda guy”!! Whilst future presents a lot of stuff, it totally raises your expectations and makes u not wanna enjoy the current state, coz you seem to know there’s something better out there and u aren’t gonna get it!!

    Does that make sense? Or should I get back to cooking now =P!

  2. Get back to cooking! 😛

  3. 3 cendrelin

    wel i think we’re movin reallllly slow…accordin to wat ppl used to say a decade ago, we’re supposed to be livin like ‘the jetsons’ by now….but here we are still stuck on traffic filled roads wit bullock carts still in bussiness….call me imaptient…but the future isnt comin soon enuf…!!
    P.S—i’m really waitin for those domestic robots!

  4. 4 mahendrap

    Hey I really share your feeling about wishing I were born earlier. Imagine, I wasted almost 17 years before the Net revolution even started! I already feel jealous of the next generation, if you ask me the truth!

  5. 5 mahendrap

    (Sorry, I meant “wishing I were born later.”)

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