Spider-Man 3: Review



Perhaps the biggest problem with Spiderman 3 is that it’s had to bear the burden of expectation of countless fans, kids and comic book geeks alike. I’ve never been a Spidey fan but I was still pretty psyched about this film (psyched enough to get front row seats on opening day). After all, Venom is perhaps one of the coolest villains in the Marvel Universe. So how is Spiderman 3? It’s pretty damn good…not great…but good nonetheless.

Plot Outline:

Spiderman (Tobey Maguire) has become a hero; he doesn’t have to earn the love of Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst) or the people of NY anymore. He’s become a celebrity of sorts and this goes to his head. A not-complicated-enough love triangle arises in the form of Gwen Stacy (Bryce Dallas Howard) though her character is nowhere as complex as in the comics. Harry Osborne (James Dean…um…Franco) hates Peter Parker because he holds him responsible for his father’s death and goes on to become The New Goblin. Sandman (Thomas Hayden Church) is the new villain with heart and his origin is pretty much like that of most comic book bad guys; molecular fusion with sand or something on those lines. Eddie Brock (Topher Grace) is the real baddie; vile, evil, greedy and plain bratty. He goes on to become Venom in the third act.

Various dramatic events force Peter to unleash his dark side which is further amplified by the alien symbiote and causes his suit to turn black. Spiderman steps out of his Boy Scout shoes and becomes consumed by revenge but over the course of 2 hours, sense prevails and all is set right. By this time, the movie actually starts kicking ass. Venom appears and things get extremely cool. Venom is a lot like I imagined him to be…simply awesome…very true to the comics!

Spiderman/Peter Parker/Black Spiderman: Tobey Maguire as always brings the boyishness into the character but you see him unleash his dark persona with élan in the second half. He doesn’t really make it corny or anything and even the scene where he dances isn’t as bad as it would’ve sounded like in the script. However, he doesn’t know how to cry for shit.

Harry Osborne/The New Goblin: James Franco who looks a LOT like James Dean from Rebel Without A Cause is pretty awesome. He exudes charm and anger at the same time. I had issues with The Goblin Costume but it wasn’t cheesy like in the first flick. Overall, he was one of my favorite characters in the film.

Sandman/Marko Flint: Thomas Hayden Church is the super villain with a heart. He has a motive and unlike the comics is NOT such a bad guy. I specially loved the scenes after he turned into Sandman, where he tries to stand up but breaks off etc…Neat!

Eddie Brock/Venom: Topher Grace is spot on as Eddie, comic book ass***e personified! Once the symbiote attaches onto him, it’s hard to be disappointed…every comic book geek’s dream come true. Venom hasn’t been shown in the trailers and it/he looks as good as it/he does in the comics!

Mary Jane Watson: Kirsten Dunst doesn’t play the dame in distress alone; she has competition (Gwen Stacy) this time. I don’t know why, but I’ve always liked Dunst no matter what movie…she has this whole dreamy eyed doe look.

Other Characters: One of the major successes in the franchise comes from J K Simmons who plays Jonah Jameson. This guy was born to play the part; some of the funniest scenes in the film are thanks to this one man. Elizabeth Banks, Stan Lee (the creator of Spiderman), James Cromwell, Bruce Campbell etc…have small but noteworthy roles.

The final action sequence is over the top at its most but immensely enjoyable nonetheless. Goblin and Spiderman team up against Sandman and Venom. Sure you have crappy news crews and onlookers but I just loved the entire Venom showdown! When you think Hollywood couldn’t come up with newer effects, this one beats everything hands down with down right inventiveness.

The movie is close to two and a half hours long (not unlike this review) and tries it’s best to tie up ends (unlike the deplorable X Men: The Last Stand) but somewhere along the line, you realize that the film is kind of overstuffed. 3 villains, the love triangle (or square/rectangle), the over the top drama that felt like a soap opera at times was a little bit too much and a few scenes could have been cut (like the part where Black Spidey supposedly kills Sandman and brags about it to Aunt May).

All in all…a GREAT summer flick and I’m pretty sure most fans of the comic book (except for the obsessive picky losers and the oh-so-serious movie goer who expects Shakespere when getting tickets to a film titled Spiderman 3) will be satisfied if not thoroughly entertained!


And Swenny, Batman can STILL kick Spiderman’s ass!


38 Responses to “Spider-Man 3: Review”

  1. Hehe, talking about Batman v Spiderman – two interesting articles – one an article and one a video that I came across –

    Why Women Love Spiderman

    I am a Marvel, I am a DC [Mac v PC parody]

  2. 2 Joe Kulangara

    bro. was waiting for an unbiased review. thnx.

  3. @punns
    Batman . can never kick spidermans ass. Its quite impossible. And you know it.
    Bottom line is he is kid who wants his mommy and daddy , and in the quest beats up the poor homeless guy because he was looking through the junk that was owned(?) by somebody else. (Ouch … trust me , saying this hurts me more than you. )

  4. @daedalus *with tears in my eyes* Then why say it huh? 😦

  5. @punns you asked for it….

  6. @ Punns: Dude – Batman rulz k! U chill. Spiderman is a sissy.. For crying out loud, boyish charm is anyway bordering to almost gay! Furthermore batman is predominantly human… as compared to a mutant moron ;-)!

    @ Daedalus: Sowiee dude, but I think a healthy fight is required.

    @ PS: Now I have boosted ur confi, time to kick some butt

    *in a mortal kombat voice*
    *Begin combat…*
    *cool music starts*

  7. 7 Anonymous

    @Pres* & Daed*
    Guru’s link helped me find some kick-butt-stuff (not really) between your Heroes:
    Physical: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLGRMKbz3Kg&NR=1
    Verbal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azGhHh9mV_Q&NR=1

    I personally liked the verbal one. May be you guys will get something to learn… 😉

    …and if Swenny remembers, it’s Superman who rules

  8. @Guru Danke!

    @Swen Take that biatch! Anyhoo, I remember you liking Batman Begins a LOT dude…

    Plus if you think about it most of your favorite comics are mostly DC right? Kingdom Come et al…?

    So why the bloody hell are you so protective of Spidey? Teen angst? You’re almost 24 for crying out loud!

    Like Russell Peters would say, “Be a MAN! ” 🙂

  9. 9 Joe Kulangara

    -lets not forget that spidey got his powers by shortcut method (bitten by a spider) while batman had to work hard (refer Batman Begins) to get it. physically thus, spiderman is super human.

    -on the motivation front, Batman comes out stronger…his parents were killed. Spidey only had his uncle killed tsk tsk. Thus, if it was a battle of wills, Batman will win hands down.

    -not to forget that spidey has more at stake…aunt may, mary jane et al. batman only has alfred (and alfred can take care of himself).

    -due to his enormous bank balance, batman can invest in superhero technology (he has an incredible utility belt and an awesome car). spidey on the other hand is near bankrupt.

    what it all comes down to is this…in a physical fight, batman will lose. but in an allout fight, where everything is allowed, batman can always hold mary jane or aunt may as hostage. oh, and not to forget…batman cannot be killed easily- he has the batmobile to escape.

  10. 10 Joe Kulangara

    anyone can beat superman by the way. all they have to do is carry kryptonite in their pockets. batman can acquire kyroptonite easily because he has more cash. and here’s the killer…spidey doesnt have a pocket on his suit to carry it in (while batman can carry it in his utility belt).

    i’d say the only dude that can actually take on all these suit-wearing dudes at once is The Hulk. hands down HULK SMASH!!

  11. @Joe Woah!

    Anyway, Batman synthetically created Kryptonite once…a red variant, forgot whcih issue though.

    Not to be a spoilsport, but in the older comics, Spidey did have a sort of back pack made of webbings in which he carried his shirt. Crappy I know.

    All hail Batman!

  12. @people chill out….

    @joe ..first off in a cross over comic. super man kicked hulks ass.
    and the thing that makes batman batman is that he refrains from killing. so in an all out thing he will not take aunt may or may jane hostage. Further .. he is very protective of alfred, who is senile. What abotu his boy wonder – robin ? huh?

    @guru .. spidey is not a mutant. they have the xmen for that. Further if was a mutant , then thats his excuse for running around in a custume? whats batmans excuse?

    @Punns yeah i do like DC comics.. i even like batman. All im saying is that spidey can kick batmas ass. and thats all.

  13. 13 Bipin

    Wow! What a script!
    No sarcasm intended.

    The Anonymous at no.7 was me. Missed out on details 😦

  14. 14 Joe Kulangara

    @Bipin: i am a bit confused. you mean “Coffee”?

  15. @Joe Um he dsnt know abt Coffee…I thik he was talking about the stuff you commented…

  16. 16 Joe Kulangara

    @Bipin: don’t answer that question. dumb mistake.

  17. 17 Bipin

    @pres* and Joe: :-/
    What is the coffee deal?

    Looks like comments on Pres*’s blog drive more traffic than his essays…. 😛

  18. 18 cendrelin

    okie…looks like i’m the lone voice representing a female opinion bout this…first off…
    1.batman has no sense of colours, shapes or any sort of dressing sense…and thank god he dosnt wear than abominable yellow underwear!!
    2.hes mortal..not cool.
    3.he aint as cute as spiderman is
    4.spiderman has a cooler costume , doesnt need a stupid car for transportation, and he can make that awesome web thingy and i think that scene wher him n MJ are lyin on the net thingy n talkin mushy is very very very cool…batman watch n learn dude…
    5. Red blue n silver is 100 time better than BLACK all over…
    6.Batman movies are gloomy, dark and boring to the core untill ur a die hard fan already…wheras, spidey appeals to everyone…always..
    7. just becos he’s really goodlookin, doesnt mean he’s gay…ur just jealous..!!
    8.i’m runnig out of points but in my own immature way lemme just say…spidey rulz..batman retire and go home..*sticks my tongue out at batman…

  19. 19 Joe Kulangara

    @cendrelin: you know, if i look through the ladies’ point of view, i thought i would like batman more too. here’s why

    1. batman carries more emotional baggage than spiderman. and we all know that ladies love guys with that sort of stuff.
    2. spiderman has sticky spidey goo that comes out of his wrists. i thought you’d be disgusted by that sort of fluid ejection.
    3. what could be a better love nest than a dark cave behind a waterfall. honestly a spiderweb is actually freaky.
    4. aunt may will eventually turn into one of those dreaded mother-in-laws in the hindi soaps.
    5. bruce wayne looks way better than peter parker.
    6. bruce wayne gives his women their space (refer batman begins). he gives them their time t decide. spiderman runs like a desperate fool behind his women.
    7. batmobile is way better than a pizza delivery moped.
    8. batman has loads of cash, and he knows how to spend it.
    9. alfred can entertain women when bruce/batman is away. and if the girl has emotional issues, he is a really good father figure.
    10. batman has a cape. the sweetest gesture a guy can do for a girl is give her his jacket when she is cold. batman can give a cape. spiderman will have to cover her up with spidey web (kinda reminds me of Frodo in Shelob’s cave in Return Of The King)

  20. 20 Bipin

    I am not much into the controversy, but yet:
    1. No sense of color!!! Black is the coolest of all.
    2. Both are mortal. Though, not having powers and still being a fighter is… cool, I guess.
    3. No comments.
    4. for costume, refer point no. 1. As far as being mushy is concerned, place isn’t SUCH a big factor… is it?
    5. NOOPES. Sorry to differ but black is black 🙂 More of a personal taste.
    6. Well…. no comments.
    7. Jealous??? I am superman! Why would I be jealous of SPIDEY.
    8. YES. Even after all this. Spidey still rules. I like Spidey more than Batman 🙂

    Footnote: I am going to the city after more than a months time… and guess the reason… To watch SPIDEY 🙂

  21. Hmm…I really want to stay out of this now…

  22. @ PS: Comon you scared BIAAATTCCCHHHH?

    Whilst I personally think Batman rulz!!, Lemme try and up Mr Joe here =D!

    Before we start – that was one _the_ most hilarious comparisons I have read in a long time *I bow to thee*!

    1. Hmm, however emotional baggage gets to girls’ nerves after sometime. Ref: Ross n Janice. Janice got tired of Ross’ whining. I can imagine a late night in the Batcave –

    Batman: And then I saw my parents getting killed.
    Hot girl: For crying out loud batty, that’s the umpteenth time you’ve told me that story – now please go hang upside down

    2. Sticky spidey goo = yucky in all probability – however dig this – a guy who’s old and wears a gadget belt – Puhhhleeeezeee!!
    3. Batcave has bats. We all know girls are scared of bats… However, imagine this – spider web yes, but stuck @ ur back so that you don’t have to see it – and then set across this beautiful landscape =D!
    4. Don’t have anything for this!! It was just too good! ROFLMAO!!
    5. Looks are subjective. =D! A lotta girls are attracted to the “boyish” charm these days – of course both have enough muscles ;-)!
    6. However, Spidey plays hard to get and doesn’t really let his feelings out. This means that girls have to sorta fight to get into him [no pun unintentionally intended]. The thrill of the chase, now that’s something that girls do like =D!
    7. Definitely, batmobile rules, however smoochey time and the car talks *TURN OFF ALERT*. The other side, Spidey can fly =D!!
    8. Definitely, Batman has loads of cash!! Something Spidey can never achieve, however he can FLY =P!
    9. But trust me – if the girl spends more time with Albert, coz he’s more emotionally available, things could get really ugly @ the Wayne residence… jealousy – ;-)!
    10. Unless Spidey turns creative and just takes her back to a cozy spidey luuuv nest ;-)! [However, hats off to the LOTR reference dude. People were staring @ me in office when I was reading this particular one]

  23. 23 Joe Kulangara

    @the prestidigitator: i second what mr.Guru so eloquently said.

    @guru: thnx.
    never thought about the bats in the cave.
    and i never considered alfred’s tastes in women.

    But thinking about it. Alfred is a bachelor you know. i think he might be gay.

  24. @Guru Um…no BIIIAAAATCH! I just don’t know what to add…Joe basically covered every aspect.

    See…I’ve never liked Spidey much ços I really didn’t buy the fact that a 16 year old kid could turn into a superhero. Same reason why I’m NOT really into Robin or any of the kiddy characters.

    Moreover, I really think Batman’s repressed anger manifesting in his sense of justice is more plausible than a 16 year old really believing “With great power comes great responsibility.” C’mon which 16 year old even says stuff like that??

    @Joe Dude I’m amazed at how well you’ve put your points across. *bows down* Come to think of it, Alfred could be gay…

  25. 25 cendrelin

    okie guys..this is getting out of hand…bt nyways here goes..
    1.emotinal baggage is bullshit…i for one wudnt want batty cryin all over me…i think i’ll do enuf cryin for the both of us…
    2.the web is not yucky, its kinda cool..and thers no way i’d choose a dark musty cave with the rest of his clan (bats) spyin on us…
    3.talking of capes, if u’ve watched “the incredibles” then u’ll know all about the dangers of wearing a cape…which means i wudnt want to sit at home chewing my nails franctically tryin to decide if his cape or his enemies will kill him first…
    4.So batman has loads of cash…and a butler…wel materialisim is kinda gettin old fashioned.
    5.aunt may wont turn into one of ekta kapoor’s monster in laws…i’d stake my life on it…
    6.bout alfred…eeewww….gay??dunno..maybe..
    7.and being Tolkien’s biggest fan and admirer and blah blah..i don think i u shud be comparing trivial comic books stuff to great literature….LOTR is way above all this…
    so ..
    spidey kicks batmans ass…unto infinity(means end of discussion).!!

  26. 26 Bipin

    So, finally I watched it.
    Can write another entry on my blog but don’t have time. So here is a brief one.

    The biggest flaw of the movie, IMHO, has been it’s final trailer.
    If you guys have watched it, you probably know that the final trailer narrated the whole story (except the climax). There was NO surprise element while watching the movie.

    Secondly, I COULD NOT CONNECT with any of the characters. (The only character which had a screen presence was, surprisingly, Aunt May. :-/
    Now, the trouble is, I haven’t been able to connect with anything of late. Neither any movies, nor any novels (It took me more than 3 months to complete “The Life of Pie” 😦 )

    I am interested to know if it’s only me who could not FEEL the movie (the way I could in Spidey-2), or has it been the same with all of you.
    [I am suspecting the convict in this case is again the FINAL trailer.]

  27. @Bipin I agree that the film isn’t as emotional as part 2 or even 1 (though I didn’t like 1 too much)…maybe it’s because there were just too many villains and too many things happening….

  28. 28 Joe Kulangara

    @all: when the lady has her final word, we mere mortals have nothing to say. this was after all a discussion on whether girls like spidey or the bat. my misguided sense of femininity however, still feels more goodies can be found in the batcave than spidey’s home…eh…aunt may’s house…eh…where does he stay again?

    @bipin: disconnectedness. yes. i seem to be bitten by the bug too. there is only one solution bro…hee hee…watch some porn.

    @prestidigitator: totally agree with you on the 16 year old aspect. come to think of it, all women going ga ga over spidey could be pedophiles (a bold statement but true nevertheless considering his age and their age).

  29. 29 Joe Kulangara

    i know this isnt the place for it…but the devil in me just wont shut up at this point. imagine spiderman as lolita. lord, i need help.

  30. @Joe You do need help. My visual imagination is currently on over drive! Damn you…

  31. 31 Joe Kulangara

    @prestidigitator: looks more like you need help bro. you are at work. i’m still in college. i have every right to be horny and perverted all the time.

    no imagine spidey is lolita and batman is the voyeur. hee hee. wait for a while…some nasty images will soon flood your brain.

  32. 32 cendrelin

    wher in the wide wide world did lolita get connected to spidey and batman?? boys….!! *rolls my eyes…

  33. 33 Joe Kulangara

    i keep forgetting that ladies read these comments too. thus my sincerest apologies to lady cendrelin and others of her most gentle and gracefull gender.

    @PS: hee hee hee. (silently contemplating your reaction to 31)

  34. @cendrelin
    Refering to comment 25.7 : “i don think i u shud be comparing trivial comic books stuff to great literature….LOTR is way above all this…” . I myself love LOTR. But mentioning that comics are trivial in this foreum. You are treading in dangerous waters. 😀

    nobody expects you to connect to a Web slinging hero. You are are just a comp nerd who can connect to matrix. 🙂

    @Joe n PS …
    Sigh ….

  35. 35 Bipin


    You are are just a comp nerd who can connect to matrix

    Reminds me of the nerdometer incident at KMR… 😉 and then reminds me of how I became a wannabe geek just because of star wars movies 😦
    By the way, when are you sending them to me?

    Can’t. I don’t watch ’em.
    I hope I get to write some good codes. I don’t even remember when I last coded something that excited me…. (@Swenny & Pres* : Apart from that perl script generating the password)… and I am working in IT industry. Damn!
    Probably that’s the reason of disconnectedness.
    My time to say… sigh

  36. 36 Joe Kulangara

    @bips: “whatever makes you happy”-Russell Peter

  37. 37 rizxo

    i wanna b your enemy man…!

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