Sify Broadband Ltd: Unlimited Incompetence


I have never been angrier at any one organization ever.  So far, the only experiences I’ve had with Sify Broaband Ltd have been extremely bitter. However, over the last few weeks, their incompetence has reached a level I thought was never possible. I realise I’m not the only dissatisfied customer of theirs.

The reason I had to opt for Sify was because of the unavailability of any other service provider in the area I live in. After charging an exorbitant/non refundable ‘installation charge‘ of Rs 1800, I had experienced connection problems from day 1 onwards.

Initially, I had to find the hard way that if you had a data transfer of over 150 MB per day, they would cancel off one day from your subscription. Unfazed, I decided to go for their unlimited plan. Moreover, they use signal boosters and so if the power in an area goes, your connection gets screwed!

Now, for the last 3 weeks, I’ve not been able to connect. The one ass***e who calls himself a Technical Executive has been ignoring my calls ever since the  third day of non-connectivity.

Their Customer Service (‘Please hold the line, your call is important to us’) is pathetic to say the least. They have been citing technical difficulties and have been promising my connection for some time now. I have send over 3 mails which have all been replied by profusely apologetic officials. But where the **** is my connection?

Right now, I called customer service again and those smug idiots act like I’ve never lodged a complaint. Last straw.

This has been getting on my nerves so much that I have decided to file a complaint with the Karnataka Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission/National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission. Apparently, the incident is NOT an isolated one (far from it actually). A court had ordered Sify to pay up to a customer for ‘Deficient Services.

Being ripped off by a big company sucks and somehow I’m more determined than ever to make them pay!


11 Responses to “Sify Broadband Ltd: Unlimited Incompetence”

  1. 1 Smaran

    I’ve had similar experiences with the company. They Billed me extra, I had constant disconnections, they billed me early, they didn’t show up to collect the cheque, and then charged me fines, and finally, when I said I wanted my connection removed, they showed up at my house, and simply threw the cable out of the window and left it dangling there.

  2. @Smaran Dude…that was bad. I’m really considering taking legal action now. I was looking at all the earlier complaints/petitions and I think I have more than enough valid reasons.

    Pathetic execuse for service!

  3. 3 Ravenent

    ‘Brodaband’? Yoda-band?! 😉

    Hmm, who the heck even owns Sify now btw?

    I missed the last few posts of yours ‘cos I was being spoilt silly by mom @ home. 😀 Now I’m back and being forced to eat canteen crap once again, not to mention that B’lore somehow seems like an extremely anaemic version of Delhi… 😦

    Dude, high time you moved to my area and got onto the Airtel expressway.

    I do however support your decision to file a case against Sify. It’s time someone showed these pathetic Indian companies that they simply cannot cheat their customers with impunity and hope to get away with murder. Let’s all get together to make such a******s pay!

  4. @Ravenent Typo…my bad! 🙂 Corrected.

    You were home? Welcome back to the s**thole dude…you’re gonna like it here.:-)

    I will definitely be going with Airtel soon but not unless I actually do something about these buggers…somebody has to.

  5. 5 Joe Kulangara

    i am using Reliance. other than the overpricing and the relatively lesser bandwidth, i am actually enjoying great customer support. plus, they actually do provide the specified bandwidth completely. i’ve heard that Airtel gives like 1/10th of what they promise in the connection speed.

    Reliance provides me with 115kbps…i’ve actually experienced throughputs at 130kbps+ when downloading torrents and from gnutella.

  6. @Joe Dude I would move to another carrier if I could but these asses were the only choice I had.

    Right now, I’d rather be disconnected than go back with Sify!

  7. 7 Ravenent

    @Joe: No complaints re. Airtel Karnataka from my side for what is now the 4th year running. I’ve signed up for the 128kbps (= 16kBps) unlimited plan. Acc. to all the ISPs I have asked, their service guarantee includes a promise (unwritten, of course) to provide 80% of your rated bandwidth. Airtel has even refused to provide connections to people who they feel would not be able to get at least 80% of their rated speed. I’ve never heard of any other ISP doing that.

    Besides, what’s cool is that after 9PM or so, my speed automatically doubles to 256kbps (= 32 kBps). The actual speeds I get are 14kBps+ (112kbps+) in the day (80% works out to 12.8kBps) and 28kBps+ (224kbps+) at night (80% works out to 25.6kBps) which is quite good IMO. The link is rarely (and I mean rarely) down and if the odd problem is not rectified within 1 working day, I simply deduct 100 bucks from the next bill.

    So all in all, a good experience as compared to all the other ISPs I’ve tested in India since ’97 when VSNL was the sole ISP and all we could afford were sucky shell (text) net connections on a drab Lynx browser ‘cos multimedia connections were so damn exorbitantly priced. Of course, compared to the US where ISPs provide upto 50mbps (gasp!) connections at reasonable prices, we’re pretty much at the bottom rung of a very, very long ladder indeed.

  8. 8 Joe Kulangara

    @Ravenent: I dunno what its like outside Kerala, but here, Airtel is essentially taking the users for a ride. However, it is cheap, so no complaints there.

    “we’re pretty much at the bottom rung of a very, very long ladder indeed.” very very true indeed.

  9. 9 Mrs. Anjalil B Balani

    I have written above letter to the chief customer care sify boadband and have lot of money through paying telephone bills to the company..I am feeling I have been cheated by the company. I must file criminal complain against company.

    Respected Sir,
    I was your regular customer and your local agents’ attitude towards services was not proper. So I thought why to not take approach directly to the company to pay my subscription fee for six month, which I paid through e-card in the month of January 2007. Suddenly to my surprise company stopped giving me services with ought my knowledge. I thought that there is network problem. I went on complaining continuously with the local customer care on 261 77460 for registering my complain. But they failed to reply why my connection was not working. When I got angry on one of them on phone. One of them confessed that local cable network person Sonu wants his share, which according to him I had not paid to him, had switch off the network connection. Sir, here I want to submit that if any how if the local area agent is so powerful to decide whether the connection is to be continued or not. If any how he is authorised by you to act like that. It means you have appointed GUNDAS (Unfortunately he is my neighbour every day he visits my place ten times a day, but never said that he is the culprit and wants money for his share)at local level to extort their share of money from your customers. If I had to pay the money to that your GUNDA for subscription then company is accepting such subscription by e-card. I think your dual policies are responsible for such complications in providing services to the customer. Why don’t to clarify on net that If You will pay by e-card you will be required to pay separately to your LOCAL GUNDAS for availing services. When I continuously argued at your customer care centre at Mumbai regarding this matter, I will told by your person, that we have taken our money, now it is local GUNDS’s turn to extract money from you. If you want you connection to be reconnected you have to approach that GUNDA (Sonu) will decide now to reconnect my connection or not. Here I want to say you that I haven’t paid money to that GUNDA (SONU, the local operator. I have paid money to you. You are responsible to provide me services for the charges I have paid to you. It is none of my business to approach to your local GUNDAS for paying them ransom to reconnect my connection. Why you not disclosed this fact on the net that If customers will pay directly to the company subscription for net services they will have to pay again to local GUNDAS again under different headings. Sir, If you want to run this company, you need to look very seriously in such matters and solve customer grievances by abolishing dual policies made by your company.

    At last, I want to alarm, warn to you that If you will ignore this complain as your subordinates have done in past, you will invite more problems in this case. I have undergone and have studied the cases against your company. and also have downloaded judgments of the cases you lost in the court of law. I am studying cyber-laws and crimes. Very soon you will come to know that I have filed case against you in the consumer court. Further, as other customers who have successfully won cases against you in the court of laws, as they have written blogs against your company’s services. I will also join with such customers and launch campaign against such customer unfriendly policies. It was very terrific to know that local person want his share of money and has disconnected the connection. It was very shocking to know from your customer care.

    Kindly do something in this matter, other wise face in the consumer court.

    Hopet that you will do the needful and resume my net services.

    Mrs.Anjali Balani
    shop no.6, Tarapunj society,
    kopri colony,
    Thane East.400603.
    Tel. No. 2532 1671,

  10. 10 Anjali

    I also had similar experience as mentioned by Ankur raheja. infact the same story i would rather say. The so called Technical Engineer for our area, Ven**** has been continuously ignoring our phone calls. And even after lodging complaint on their PATHETIC customer care 5 days back, and even after following up the case for last 4 days, finally y’day evening one customer care executive said, there is NO COMPLAINT lodged against my user id…what hell pathetic than this can be expected out of so called Big brand SIFY.Infact don’t have words to describe their torturing behaviour and services.
    we also opted for SIFY because of having no other option.
    Ankur if you still access this forum please let us know how can we log a complaint in “Karnataka Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission/National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission” because the LIMITS have crossed for us also now and we want to take some LEGAL ACTION to get rid of the problem.

  11. 11 Rajesh

    The Chief customer care
    Sify broadband hi speed internet,
    I am the user of your broadband internet connection for the past 5 years. in ear;ier occassions the connection used to get disconnected or nor oprable for one or two days. Once the compliaint is lodged with your customer care immediately it is restored. I am paying one monthin advance the internet charges. on 5-9-08, I could not get the connection and lodged the complaint with customer care. again and again I lodge vthe complaint with them. When I lodge the complaint with them I specifically asked the complaint no to know whether they are really recording. They gave me as 7483283. till 23-09-2008 morning they have not conneted the internet. I daily conted the customer care telephone and informered about the non avilablability of the internet connection. On 23-9-08 afternoon I got my internet connection. whenever I opened the internet I noticed “ERROR BB108”. This time after the payement of Rs. 520/- from 25-08-09 to 25-09-08, I used the internet from 23-9-08 t0 25-09-08. On contacting the sify for the compensation for not utilising for 20days which was because of their mistake, they infomed that they will give 4 days compensation. I do not whwther tis is fair in the part of sify and what way rhey artrived for the 20 days lapse from their side they give a compensation for 4 days. No details given by them. In fact one of those days of complaining about not avilability of their internet, they informed me to go for Y-5 wireless internet connection , which will be costing Rs. 2000/- and the same plan will continue. I agreed to it and requested them to install. Even then they have not taken any step to install the new connection of Y-5. In this connection I request Sify to give me a reasonable compensation as the fault is from their side.
    thank you,

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