Why Frank Miller/Jim Lee? Why?


There hasn’t really been a great Batman comic since 2005’s Hush which was mainly thanks to Jim Lee‘s amazing artwork and there hasn’t been a powerful Batman story teller like Frank Miller (The Dark Knight Returns remains one of the best Batman books ever; say what you want).


What happens when you team up Jim Lee and Frank Miller? Your expectations are bound to be sky high and like in most cases, you end up being disappointed.

Gotham Comics (The answer to every comic book geek in India)  released (quite late) All Star Batman And Robin a couple of months back and I happened to read the first 3 issues but I doubt I’ll be continuing.

I’m all for a good retelling of the Batman mythos but I hate it when somebody messes with the very psyche of the character. Since Batman’s early days (the Bob Kane days), the caped crusader has undergone many changes and has become darker over the years. The gay over tones (thanks to Robin) have also been reduced but all that’s back with a bang with this series.

Batman recruits a bewildered Dick Grayson who just witnessed his parents’ deaths and is shaken to say the least. The first three books lack any coherent wrting and I think Frank Miller counted on Jim Lee’s art to do all the talking. That’s where it gets stupid. The art is distracting and the writing is pathetic, nowhere near the intensity of Frank Miller’s other works.

What’s worse is that they make Batman look like a psycopath who abuses (physically and verbally) a 12 year old kid making him eat bats and stuff.

Why mess with a character that has been through enough s**t already? Why Frank Miller/Jim Lee? Why?


5 Responses to “Why Frank Miller/Jim Lee? Why?”

  1. 1 soorajrox

    so it didn’t get better huh? I was on the hunt for ‘The Killing Joke’ and came across the latest issue. I thought it would have become better as the story continues.
    You should read ‘Batman : the Broken city’, the writer is the same guy who from 100 bullets. awesome writing, it’s weird when batman has a sarcastic sense of humour, a lil different from frank miller’s style.

    I think you bought the last issue of the broken city when we went out to coimbatore city to see War of the Worlds. that was when swenny tm you n me didnt go back to college the friday nite.

  2. @Sooraj Damn! How the hell did you remember that???

    Guess what, I saw a book called Alan Moore’s DC Universe (or something like that); had a collection of stories by Alan Moore, the last in the book being, “The Killing Joke”.

  3. 3 Ravenent

    Man, you are the real sado-masochistic self-flagellating type, aren’t you? You actually read ASBaR after I told you what an utter piece of sh*t it was? Amazing!

    On the other hand, AS Supes is quite good (Grant Morrison writes, art by Frank Quitely) and has managed to sustain my interest so far. Certainly one of the better Supes series to come out of late.

    What sucks even more about ASBaR is that it almost managed to single-handedly convince DC to cancel AS Wonder Woman, AS Green Lantern and AS Batgirl. I hope these titles launch this year as promised, ‘cos if even one of them is in the league of AS Supes, then we’ll have a winner and we can safely ignore the rest of the tripe like ASBaR which Lee/Miller (esp. Miller who must have been on crack when he wrote it) should be ashamed of putting out.

  4. @Ravenent Well…I kinda had to see myself…what with you being a professional comic critic/appreciator and all…:-P

    Isn’t AS Supes the one with the Supergirl sub plot…remember reading it a while back…that was Jeph Loeb dude. Or was it AS Supes and Batman? I’m confused…

    All that Sin City/300 success must have gotten to his head OR Miller must think he can get away with anything!

  5. 5 Ravenent

    Isn’t AS Supes the one with the Supergirl sub plot

    Nope, that was Superman/Batman, a modern retake on the Golden Age World’s Finest series.

    AS Supes is a brand new series with no Batman so far. Give it a look…

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