Coffee? What’s That?


I’m not an alcoholic and I don’t smoke, but I’ve always been addicted to coffee. Addiction is an understatement actually.

During my school days, I remember walking into the kitchen and ‘eating‘ spoonfuls of coffee grains. Back in college there were days when I’d gulped down close to 17 cups of piping hot black coffee (and acting like an idiot in class thereafter). I don’t know why but I think it was mostly because I just liked the taste. Of course caffeine does rejuvenate you no matter what time of the day and no matter how crappy you feel.

Sitting here punching meaningless code into this godforsaken machine, I just realised I haven’t had coffee in a while now (barring the occasional cappucino from Java Green that is). So I just went to the coffee machine and pressed that little button I’m so used to. I smelled it (like I always do), sipped the bitter creamy liquid and threw the rest into the dumpster. I couldn’t stand it. Thinking it was just bad coffee, I went to the machine on the top floor but I threw away that cup too.

Have I finally gotten over coffee? Is the chocolate flavored Complan at home weaning me off coffee? Can this be true?

Watch this space for updates!


EDIT: False alarm! I just had a cup of hot black Americano and it felt good! Phew! 


20 Responses to “Coffee? What’s That?”

  1. 1 ne0

    Thou shalt not abuse my beloved by calling it “godforsaken machine”.

  2. 2 Joe Kulangara

    i can’t start my mornings without a coffee either. i think it has more to do with the taste than what i feel. it is a pity that you cannot feel it anymore. my condolences.

    p.s. and when you finally abandon Complan, what then? Cerelac?

  3. 3 Bipin

    Well, I guess all of us have been addicts at some point or another.
    I don’t think you’ve “gotten over”. It’s probably the crappy taste of the KAAPI from the “godforsaken machine”. The trouble is that the coffee is toooo diluted.
    I basically “cut out” the water that pours down at end. In fact I make one cup out of two cups of coffee…
    [I hope you understood :P]

  4. @Punns ..

    This is amazing.. this story has all the makings of a blockbuster. I can even visualize the grand finale where punns takes on the Coffee monster.

  5. Hehe, coffee that cuppa java, the beans, the spout, the waft, the heavenly taste. Nopes, neva gonna get outta coffee. It’s strange that most of the people actually get addicted once it becomes cubicle speed ya know =D!

    For me – Kappi, Coffee, Java Jive, shall forever be “wow”!! Btw, dontcha guys get the decoction and concoct the wonderful brew urself?

    Hmmm strange.

  6. 6 Joe Kulangara

    @Guru: i got a title for your comment- “On Coffee while on a load of Coffee”.

    @punns: thought about your blog while having coffee in the evening. made me realise that what me and the cup in front of me are half full without coffee. too bad you’ve broken up with her.

    @daedalus: you dont need coffee bro (you seem overactive enough anyways…what with such vivid imagination n’ all).


    @neo Um…Ooook…

    @Joe Complan aint that bad though…you DO have to use two table spoons full of powder and it IS a tad bit expensive at Rs 89…but it tastes goood!

    @Bipin I do the same thing too as does a couple of others I know too…youre not alone 🙂

    @Daedalus Wha? I’m going to safely assume you’re working too much…

    @Guru I was addicted to it loooong before I started working dude…

  8. 8 Joe Kulangara

    @all: totally unrelated. but you need to check this out.

  9. @ All: I was planning to send you guys info just about this today!! Read about it yday =))! SO, PS, as I suspect, couch entering Taverekere?

  10. And btw – Ur a “complan boy” now =D!!


  11. @All:
    Seriously complan sucks.

    I gave coffee one more shot today (Cause i felt sleepy). But seriously i still cant get what the fuss is all about.

  12. @Joe, Guru I saw that yesterday…but somehow I’m NOT so sure I want to watch that. Hmmm…would Natalie really agree to something like that?

    @Swen Complan is waaaay better that all that MILK you have dude….Ladies and Gents..Swenny LOVES Milk!

  13. This comment better be heard. Third time im writing this

    @Punn: Well im back to blogging 😉 Anyways, you gotta be more grateful. the company is giving you liquids for free and here you are bitching about it. The least you could do is shut up or in case thats not feasible you might wanna think about starting your own coffee vending machine or something

  14. :O Shame on you Bentley for even suggesting not to bitch about the company =(!

    I am disappointed PS. I am gonna kill him. Somebody stop me … somebody stop me :P!

  15. @Guru: dont get me wrong bro! Feel free to bitch about the company. I aint got no problems with. But dont bitch about things they are giving away for free. Sure they are making a huge humongous profit from your behinds but they again its the gesture of free coffee thats more important than the coffee it itself

    (braces for impact)

  16. @bentley Well…Please don’t tell me you think the company’s making a huge sacrifice giving away coffee. Please don’t. You’re smarter than that.

    Besides…I was saying (at that moment of time), I didn’t like coffee in general…home coffee, office coffee everything…

  17. 17 Joe Kulangara

    @punnen: try cold coffee bro. i had one yesterday and i realised how much i missed it.

  18. @Joe Dude…I’m back on coffee. I’ve recently developed a taste for iced tea though…

  19. 19 Joe Kulangara

    @prestidigitator: you get iced tea at work? (okay…stupid question).

  20. @Joe I have a life outside work. 😐

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