An Evening With David Lynch


Call me pretentious but I consider myself a slightly more serious appreciator of cinema than the average film viewer. Over the years my tastes have refined (from Armageddon to Y Tu Mama Tambien) and I get most films, mostly because I admire the film making process and consider it a difficult art to master let alone attempt.


Now that’s out of the way, last night I decided to watch my second David Lynch film (after Mulholland Dr. which I enjoyed immensely), Lost Highway. David Lynch for the uninitiated is a film maker known for his surrealist themes and his use of strange abstract images. Sort of like a sadomasochistic version of Pablo Picasso.

Mullholand Dr. in my opinion was a slightly more mainstream effort from the director so that’s pretty much what I expected to see in Lost Highway as well. Twelve hours after the film, I still haven’t really understood what it was all about. I woke up with a hangover; I guess even my subconcious was trying to figure out what the film was about.

Film noir I can understand. Non linear screenplays I can appreciate. Potent visuals I love. But what exactly was Lost Highway all about?

I sat there expecting some big pay off of an ending where some omniscient narrator would end up explaining what I just saw. Nope. Zilch. Nada.

Now, I’m sure I’ll end up reading a lot more on David Lynch and the film and will slowly try to grasp what the director wanted to say. I will end up watching the film a few more times in an attempt to understand a mind I cannot help but say is a bit warped.

But it upsets me that I couldn’t really appreciate a film by a man considered to be an eccentric genius. It simply upsets me.

Or was the film really just crap?


3 Responses to “An Evening With David Lynch”

  1. 1 Joe Kulangara

    “Sort of like a sadomasochistic version of Pablo Picasso.” he he. thats a fascinating and original description of Lynch allright. But highly apt too. I remember watching Mulholland Dr. twice. Then i went to sleep and when i woke up in the morning the day after, everything clicked. so watched it again and this time i paid attention to the non-linearity of it, the play of themes and specifically how the characters act. Thus the narrative isnt plot driven, rather its time-driven. thats a hard concept to grasp when a Lynch-virgin watches him for the first time.

    must check this film out. wanted to watch it when i heard about it. then somehow it slipped my mind.

  2. The great thing about Mullholland Dr. is that it was accessible to even a newbie/Lynch Virgin. But yes, it did take quite some time to ingest the themes.

    Lost Highway is different. Sure, I loved some of the scenes…like when Bill Pullman slowly appears out of darkness (veeeery slooowly) but somehow I really didn’t get it. It seemed way too random and pointless at the end.

  3. Hey, I’m impress that you called yourself “more serious appreciator of cinema than the average film viewer” and make some comments about this great director after 2 movies… if you want to understand him, you have to follow his filmography, watch “Eraserhead”, “Wild at heart”, “Blue Velvet” and his series “Twin peaks”, and with “Lost highway”, you could have a more complete idea of his world, it’s complex, not necessary means one message, it’s more an idea, a new way to see the life, to feel… to get lost… 😀

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