I’ve decided to go one step ahead with my narcissistic ego and register my own site. You may have noticed that you’re no longer at http://www.ontheverge.wordpress.com but at http://www.psyriac.com. Thanks to Arpit/Clazh for everything thus far.

Anyhoo, this will be the beginning of some shameless self promotion. I will be introducing coffee mugs, calenders, bags and T shirts with my pictures very soon. And for all you action figure enthusiasts out there, a special limited edition collectible action figure of yours truly will be hitting the stores later this year. Buy!

But seriously, I hope to soon move off WordPress and have my own site with a different template where I can rant and rave about anything and everything; pretty much what I do here.

*raises wine glass* Toast anybody?

PS: I also request my readers (yes, all 4 of you) to update the new url in your RSS Feed Reader. Danke.


14 Responses to “www.psyriac.com”

  1. 1 soorajrox

    “I will be introducing coffee mugs, calenders, bags and T shirts with my pictures very soon.” 🙂
    of the other hand has got the wine glass high up

  2. 2 Syafrizal

    Well it’s good to have your own domain. It’s cool too 😉

  3. Ok, I have registered http://gurupanguji.com/ and http://gurupanguji.name/ for sometime now.. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get WordPress to change that from http://gurupanguji.wordpress.com to http://gurupanguji.name/ or .com/

    Ok, I never really bothered. But, hey as long as I am getting PS action figures. Btw, did you know that you are just increasing ur chances of becoming Voodooed by that =D!

  4. @sooraj *hic* cheers…

    @Syafrizal Yes it is mate…I feel freat! 🙂

    @Guru Well, it was kind of an impulsive move…

    I know there are chances that disgruntled fans may use the action figure as a voodoo doll…but hey you gotta pay a price for fame right? Right?

  5. 5 Clazh

    you might want to ask people to update their RSS feeds to the new URL

  6. 6 Clazh

    and by the way no fair your stealing all my marketing ideas 😀 expect for the action figs part

  7. @ PS: For the price of fame, I agree you gotta pay a price, but why now? =D!!

  8. @ Clazh I’ll cancel my T Shirt plans then…:-)

    @Guru Um…simbly!

  9. 9 noconvolutions

    i thought by mistake i clicked on “””psychic .wordpress.com”””

  10. @noconvolutions Hi jackasssss! 🙂 Well…you know me…consider this an ego exercise; registering of the site that is! 🙂

  11. 11 fibinse

    winds of change ….eh?
    bbut i think,Scribez has lost its feel!

  12. 12 Bipin

    No need to cancel Psyriac Tees. Just add some garbage numbers, like 09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0?

  13. 13 Bipin

    And there’s no need to update the feed.
    WP is redirecting the links, I guess.

  14. Hey, ur new site is not opening from office. Who’s fault is it? Ur’s or their’s? Please don’t say, it’s mine.

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