Butter and Mashed Banana: A Play


Ranga Shankara (JP Nagar, Bangalore) was host to the play, Butter and Mashed Banana. Directed by Ajay Krishnan, this was an amazingly humorous yet profound look at our system of censorship.

It’s a three act play wherein the first act details the illegitimate birth of the protagonist (conceived on a night of ill advised but passionate love) to a Shiv Sena/Right Wing father and a CPI(M)/Left Wing mother. The conflict of ideas begin long before the child is born but the effects are life long.

In the second act we see that the protagonist is now a famous writer who has become a celebrity but his own countrymen know little of him as his book, “Bahabah” is banned by the Censor Board which deems it too offensive.

Freedom of Speech is your fundamental right, but you can’t say whatever you want, you know.

In the third act, the protagonist decides to change things by entering politics where he finds the system to be far too corrupt to change. The ruling and opposition parties fight over him to yield disastrous yet comical results. There is this one line by the opposition where the leader quotes the Blabbermouth Law of 1952 (Sayterius Minimus) which states, “Thou canst sayest what thy wants.” Call me lame, but I thought it was hilarious.

I thought the play was very well written and in spite of being slightly over the top still managed to tackle issues like freedom, morality, religious fanaticism and sexual awakening (or the lack of it).

And yes, there is music as well with some great lyrics and guitar strumming (by Ajay Krishnan himself). The three actors are excellent and the script is laced with dry wit and irony. It does manage to get the point across, albeit in a very humorous way.

If this play comes your way, I suggest you NOT miss it. At 100 Rs a ticket, it’s a great way to spend a Sunday evening!

Drop the cause and join the line.

Something made you cry, it’s the dirt in your eye.

PS: Butter and Mashed Banana is apparently used on a hangman’s noose to tighten the knot (Thank you Google!).


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  1. 1 noconvolutions

    kindly give me the details of the location of where the play is playing thou great grand PS

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