A History Of Violence




This is the kind of cinema that needs to be made and seen more often; the kind that ellicits thought and emotion and incites debate.

A History of Violence is an intense and thought provoking study on the nature of violence. Tom Stall, the protagonist is thrown into a situation that forces him to unleash a side that he’d been trying to conceal even from his family. As he becomes a glorified hero by the community of his small town, he slowly becomes less repulsed by violence thereby shocking his wife and children. Soon, his otherwise apathetic and passive son resorts to violence at school.

The film is open ended and leaves a lot of questions unanswered but that is exactly what makes it such an incredible film. At the end of it, one is forced to question one’s own stance on violence, morality and redemption.

David Cronenberg‘s most accessible work, at least for me.



3 Responses to “A History Of Violence”

  1. 1 Ravenent

    Read the graphic novel written by John Wagner on which the movie’s based. Highly recommended.

    BTW, Wagner’s the same guy who created Judge Dredd, and I recently read a Batman/Judge Dredd crossover called Judgement on Gotham. Possible one of the best crossover titles out there. Do check it out.

  2. @Ravenent After AHOV, I’ve put this on my to download list.

  3. 3 Joe Kulangara

    i have the hots for Maria Bello. and that scene in the bedroom with her in the cheerleader outfit- WOW WOW WEE WEE!!!

    oh yeah and the film rocks.

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