What Did You Do?


Orson Welles wrote, directed and starred in Citizen Kane by the time he was 25.

At 22, Ian Thorpe became the only person to medal in the 100-200-400 combination in Olympic history.

Ramanujan compiled over 3500 theorems before he died at 33.

What did you do?


7 Responses to “What Did You Do?”

  1. Screwed up my life and got it back on track 😉

  2. I have done things they never did!

  3. 3 noconvolutions

    m not a pompous b****** 2 scream my lungs out what i did!
    just kidding–basically nothing worth mentioning

  4. @Arpit Cheers to that! 🙂

    @indish Trust you to come up with a statment like that! 🙂

    @noconvolutions Well, you did manage to have a sip of Port Wine and get drunk! 😛

  5. I wanna give a shot @ it, but naah, it wouldn’t even compare =P!


    Local any beer [weizen/pils your choice] German local time 2000hrs today what say you??

  6. @Guru Um…what time is that here?

  7. 7 em

    appreciated genius. (they need an audience nein??????)

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