The Perfect Woman


After years (!) of careful thinking and research (and mind numbing monotony), the list of probable candidates for  the honor of being The Prestidigitator’s Idea of the Perfect Woman has come down to three beautiful and not to mention intelligent individuals…er…women.


1. Cate Blanchett:  She blew my mind away with her performances in Elizabeth and even films like The Life Aquatic but what clinched it was an interview of hers I saw last week on Aussie TV. Not only does she seem to be intelligent and well read but  also showed a great deal of depth whilst deliberating on topics ranging from death to philosophy. Most other actresses are (face it) vain and um…not that intellectually stimulating but Cate Blanchett comes across as the very antithesis.


2. Natalie Portman: Well…no surprise here. She has that unique characteristic what many (not me) would call ‘twinkle in the eye‘. She has a certain sense of intelligence and ‘bubbliness’ that you would be hard pressed to find in actresses of her generation. To boot, she also has a degree in psychology from Harvard (proving she is as smart as she looks) and she actually submitted a paper titled “Frontal Lobe Activation During Object Permanence“! Beat that!


3. Marge Simpson: Proving that the perfect woman need not be three dimensional, Marge Simpson is the everyday woman with a tinge of attitude. Yes, she is patient, a great painter, has high morals etc.. But she also has that unpredictability that you just wouldn’t find in any other woman in suburbia. And…she has blue hair.

Congratulations, Ladies! 


19 Responses to “The Perfect Woman”

  1. 1 Ravenent

    1) Absolutely shocked to see Natalie at #2!

    2) It took you years to come up with that list? Holy frantic frontal lobe, flatman! 😉

    3) Knock, knock! Hello! You do remember that Friends episode in which Ross made his list, don’t ya?

    4) Blue hair fetish? Now that’s a new one! 😀

  2. @Ravenent:
    You might not believe (I can’t either)… When I read the post in the morning, I thought of jotting down point # 1, 2, and 4 (in my own way, obviously)… and that too pointwise.
    It’s frightening. :-O

  3. @Ravenent: These are just the candidates man. No points for guessing the winner! 🙂

    And by years I meant Mercury years…around 58 days!

    Yea but was Marge on Ross’s list? 😐

    @Bipin It’s not frightening. I just put into words what 95% of the male population think (and feel) 🙂

  4. 4 Ravenent

    Yay! We have a winner! So, what does she get? Huh, huh? C’mon, tell us… Pretty please?

    BTW, you might wanna check out the heavy-duty competition dude… I mean, seems our lovely Ms. Portman has her beady eye on the Rothschild fortune. Goldarn it! >:-(

    You sure it wasn’t more like dog’s years? 😉

    95%? Huh… Dude, you’re pushing it a bit… Ok, a lot

    P.S. Re. #3, before you count her out, remember to factor in the fact that it’s a package deal – you get Marge, you get Patty and Selma for free too! It’s a veritable Bouvier Bonanza! 😀

  5. @Ravenent Well…this is just like the Oscars. Once you win, you have a life time of crappy movies and work/love/life related disappointments to look forward to. Only here, I’m the one who gets it.

    Anyhoo, yes I do keep track of Natalie’s relationships, but I’m pretty sure all that glitter will lose it’s shine once I’m of marriagable age. So, it’s all cool.

    Ugh! Patty, Selma…Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh ugh!

    And dude? Any thoughts on spewing your wisdom out onto us unsuspecting commonfolk by…say…i dunno…registering a blog????

  6. Have been watching a lot of Cate Blanchett of late… Couldn’t agree more. Ain’t c a bit older 4 u? Portie myt jus cum across as being “slightly” older but Blanchett? C’mon!

  7. @indisch Allow a simple man his not-so-simple quirks. 😐

  8. 8 noconvolutions

    okiee the only woman u deserve is “nick carter” [dont kill me for this{cuz perhaps nick carter probably will}]

  9. Did you watch the movie “Notes on a Scandal” starring Cate Blanchett and Judi Dench? If not, then don’t miss it 🙂 I think it’s one of the best movies made in a very long time.

  10. @noconvolutions and the only man you deserve is Kathleen Turner!

    @Pragati Well yes I have…man what an intense film! It’s one of the reasons I’m a Cate fan! 🙂 Judi dench was amazing as well!

  11. 11 Anonymous

    sigh………dream on bro…….
    btw…some of my seniors happend to notice u when u came to chrsit wid me…….they keep badgering me for ur number…..n details……apaprently they call u ‘hot’ ‘cute’ and ‘chweet’ in that order…..wat the hell do i do aobut it?????????

  12. okie…the pervious comment isnt by was by me….how austraaalia bro???? met any ‘roos yet?

  13. @cendrelin Um…no ‘roos yet but your comment intrigues me. 🙂

  14. @Presti: Hey thank god you included marge in the list. That was down right appropriate. Natalie…um..well i dont know anymore. But hey it made me think about my list..nice post buddy.

  15. 15 soorajrox

    how come Winnona Ryder is not there in the list??? Looks like the whole worls is coming to know of your supposedly “controversial” link with Natalie Portman….damn….the price of fame huh?

  16. @bentley Danke! looking fwd to ur list!:-)

    @sooraj Winoan Ryder…I like her but not as much as the above ladies. Yep…everything has a price. Sigh! This fame!

  17. 17 Joe Kulangara

    i totally agree on ms.portman being put on the list. but for some reason, blanchett doesnt cut it for me. a woman her age would be wise and intelligent with a philosophical streak. i’d say meryl streep would have made a better choice hehehe.

    marge?!!! what the hell? her voice is a turn off for me. and her hairstyle. hey, will it be paedophilic if i say i am more drawn to lisa sipson?

  18. @Joe Dude…I urge you to watch Blanchett’s interview with Andrew Denton. Trust me, you’ll find her amazing.

    And yes, it’s disturbing being drawn to Lisa Simpson. Deeply disturbing.

  19. 19 Joe Kulangara

    @PS: let me see if i can find it on YouTube. hey did you see the Natalie Portman video on YouTube where she tells what her favourite swear word is? i dint have the sense to save the link. check it out if u can. its fun.

    and getting drawn to marge isnt? for god’s sake, she’s a cartoon character.

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