Couple Murdered Over Caste Ruckus


Just when you think things can’t get more disturbing, they do.

“Those who do wrong have to die. Law does not recognize this but society punishes such people.”

Wise words.


4 Responses to “Couple Murdered Over Caste Ruckus”

  1. 1 ne0

    I am pretty much angered at such atrocities by a bunch of effed up self-righteous morons. By killing the couple, these f****rs have committed a crime. So, by their own f***ing standards, they must be put to death. A very brutal death so that they realize how it feels to be on the receiving end.

  2. 2 ruhi

    Really shocking. Sad state of affair in our country, where people still have the urge to fight and kill over such inconsequential issues.

  3. 3 Joe Kulangara

    Sadly, this is quite common isnt it?

  4. @neo Well…sadly you can’t convince religious bigots with political motives. You just can’t.

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