D(h)oom 2: The Downside to Being Indian


Recently, I happened to attend one of those social situations where a lot of Non Resident Indians (mostly students) gather to feign love for their country, speak in put on Australian accents and dress up in clothes one just can’t wear on the street in Melbourne. As if jumping to loud thumping Bhangra music wasn’t bad enough, I was forced to sit through what I’ll probably remember for the rest of my life as one of the most torturous experiences ever. They screened Dhoom 2 to a cheering audience of around 500 proud Indian youth.

Now, before I’m misunderstood as one of those guys who go around trashing Indian films, let me state that I love Cinema; no matter what language. They don’t have to be realistic or art house films. They don’t have to be entirely believable. I am all for suspension of disbelief and such stuff and I totally understand what popcorn/time pass enetertainment means.

This is not that.

Dhoom 2 is an assault on the intelligence of the average Indian. The director assumes that no matter how non existent the plot, no matter how plastic the characters, no matter how inane the dialogues, the average Indian would be won over by the sheer loudness of the film. The film is so over the top that it gets beyond bad after the first five minutes. The melodrama is cringe inducing and the characters border on plain idiocy. Women seem happy wearing shockingly less and being treated like nothing more than eye candy and the men (who morally and ethically ambiguous as they are) have even less personality than the Transformers.

What boggles my mind is that in spite of the pile of crap that is Dhoom 2, it did amazingly good business and won numerous awards(!!!). Makes you wonder where the country is headed.

I urge you to see the film however. Some things have to be seen to be believed.


10 Responses to “D(h)oom 2: The Downside to Being Indian”

  1. 1 soorajrox

    hey hey hey…u sound just the way I did after I watched Dhoom2. Thrash.
    Hrithik Roshan received the Filmfare Award for Best Actor. My question is why did Aishwarya get the award for Best actress if he could get it for best actor?
    just a thought
    and wait on…dhoom 3 is on the discussion.

  2. 2 Joe Kulangara

    i had to sit through this film due to peer-pressure. normally, such pressures never affect me, but i had an argument with a dude who claimed “Dhoom 2” is like the “Kill Bill” of indian cinema. he then…er…pressurised me by saying that a true cinephile would sit through any film and analyse it critically without bias. i gave in. big mistake.

    to say that it is an insult, as PS pointed out, is an understatement.

  3. 3 soorajrox

    huh,,,Why DIDN’T aiswarya get the awards …was what I meant. She didn’t get the award

  4. @Presti: I sympathize 🙂 No one should have to go through this horrible ordeal. But hey, the next time you guys get-together make sure you screen ‘Sivaji – The Boss’. Now this is the epitome of being Indian, i can tell you that! 🙂

    @sooraj: Does Ash even know how to act? The last time i check sheer beauty doesn’t constitute acting. She is no actor and for crying out loud can some director give her a role and shut her up in a corner. Its like the old saying “It was all good, till she opened her mouth and stated to talk” 😉

    @Joe: Peer-pressure should be no excuse for any1 to go through this 🙂 hehehe but then again like Presti said

    Some things have to be seen to be believed.

  5. @sooraj I didn’t know it was this bad man. But didn’t Hritik get nominated for his mind blowing (sic) performance in Krrisssshhhhh as well? I wouldn’t be surprised now…:-|

    @Joe Get the guy who comapred it with Kill Bill. He shall be burnt at the stake. I don’t get it man…maybe India really is just a nation of Superficial people who have severe attention deficit disorders. Nothing else can explain the fact that shite like this makes money! But then again…I saw it too, thereby contributing to the gross. Im confused.

    @Bentley Now, there is a difference watching it with people who will disdain crap like this as opposed to a hall full of cheering ‘fans’. That’s what depressed me.

  6. You mean – some things have to be seen to be (dis)believed ;-)!

    Regarding the

    proud indian youth

    , I wouldn’t go as much to blame ’em. They have a very disconnected view of India. They are not present in India, making money by paying[evading?] tax to the Indian Government. They have not been through the schools / colleges. I am talking about one classification of people here – I am from India. I go there during my vacation types.

    The second are the kinda people who strongly want to get over India. They are not proud of who they are or where they come from. They believe other nations provide better resources for them and consequently their loyalty lies in trashing India – and having a disconnected life with their country of origin. [For whatever reasons, open to debate, they have chosen so]

    So well, them cheering to Dhoom 2 would be one of the major reasons why it has won so many numerous awards.

    Btw, Indian films are extremely popular in Europe, especially SRK movies =P! And surprisingly they have a very weird notion of India full of fun-loving people [err yeah :P], who always sing and dance for anything.

    I would say that it’s up to us to reach out and show that India is more than what Bollywood movies portray it to be. Maybe by making some solid Indian – realistic movies [of course we might not gain acceptance to the European market, considering that the life of a non-singing/dancing Indian would only be eh – i can see that anywhere :P]. again, I am open to acting =P!

  7. 7 Joe Kulangara

    @Bentley: THALAAIIVAAAAAAAAA!!!!! I totally agree with you on ‘Sivaji’ (although i did not get teh context in which you said it…was there a hint of sarcasm i sensed?).

    @PS: That was fun actually. I actually went the extra mile and humiliated the dude when we got drunk the weekend after.

    @Guru: A huge comment that ends with blatant self-promotion. Even if you’d posted that anonymously, I could’ve smelled you a mile away. hehehehe.

  8. @Guru I understand NRIs having a convoluted view about India but how does it explain the fact that people back home rushed to theatres when the film got out.

    Anyhoo, I’ve been ‘accused’ of liking Superman Returns. The same alleagations have been thrown at me and I have grown weary trying to explain the difference.

    You know what? I just might end up making a film and make you (in)famous! Be careful what you wish for!

  9. @ Joe: comon dude – there’s nothing wrong about self promotion. It’s the next best thing to having an agent and a publicity dude(tte) ;-)!!

    @ PS: Comon bro. You know how even Indians can give in to seeing to (dis)believe. I mean I went for Mr. Ya Miss. I remember it was a horrible film, however I made at least 5 more people go cringing about how it can cause death :P!!

  10. @PS
    well i dont know how u would have taken Neal n nikki if u had seen it.
    those who havent seen it – stay that way. i still have nightmares …

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