‘On the Lot’ Update


The reality show, On The Lot is pretty pathetic but it does showcase some amazing talent. If you’ve been watching, you’re probably familiar with Zach Lipovsky‘s work. Two of his short films are probably the best on the show.

Sunshine Girl: A little girl hides the Sun under her bed. Chaos ensues.

Time Upon a Once:Breathtakingly original!

Also, our very own second generation bharatiya nari, Shalini Kanatayya made waves on the show .

All the shorts made thus far can be viewed on the site.


10 Responses to “‘On the Lot’ Update”

  1. @Presti: Lately Ive begun to despise the very existence of reality TV. Especially after that crappy ol thing they called ‘American Idol’. Its all staged up but like they say “thats showbiz”!

  2. Agreed…On the Lot is no different. I hate it when they focus on the squabbles between the contestants instead of their talents.

    But check out the short films on the site…good stuff.

  3. 3 soorajrox

    Zach Lipovsky’s good. I like his movies so far

  4. 4 noconvolutions

    i couldnt see!
    tell me what that breathtakingly original script consisted of.the “sunshine girl” can be imagined.
    btw waiting for ur film to come up.hope it happens soon JACK

  5. @noconvolutions/jill The film will be on its way as soon as you pledge to be the producer/financier. šŸ™‚

  6. 6 noconvolutions

    hey man dyu think m so rich eeeen?
    gud that u think so high of me.
    m just on the verge of begging!

  7. @noconvolutions anyway, the second short film was ”breathtakingly original” because it had two couples conversing but only that time ran backwards for one of them. Confused? Go watch it!

  8. 8 noconvolutions

    hey have u read Richard Bach’s “One”? ur “breathtakingly original” sounds a lot like it…two couples conversing but only that the older couple is the future of the younger couple n the younger couple is the past of the older couple…the older couple lives in the present but hallucinates that it can stop its past from making the mistakes that the older couple is living with in the present…Confused?Go read it!

  9. Haven’t read it but the plot isn’t anything like the short film! Go watch it…

  10. 10 noconvolutions

    branded jackass!!!

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